Personal Values and Beliefs

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The masses tend to embrace certain perspectives which reflect their origin and cultural backgrounds. In as much as the majority of people who come from similar backgrounds might hold on to analogous beliefs, a deeper assessment unveils that some people might hold controversial opinions under divergent circumstances. For example, two different people with diverse religious views are expected to argue over specific aspects connected to their respective dominions regardless of their cultural similarities. From my perception, parents have a major role to play in bringing up their children in the current epoch. This concept is cemented based on the fact that different religious groups continue to pop up and at the same time many new factors are discovered by experts in various fields of life. For instance factors such as globalization and technical innovations have been crucial in altering the opinions of the new generation. This paper reveals my personal beliefs and values in a bid to expose how they shape my opinions over the legibility of the medical services in line with their cost and quality.

Description of my Beliefs

Experts in the field of medicine are bestowed with the task of safeguarding the wellbeing of the people despite the challenges that they face in their daily operations (Oleske, 2014). Nonetheless, I believe that a society can only attain affirmative results if people are ready to work in cohesion with each other. Just to mention, the populaces in any given societal setup rely on one another either directly or indirectly. Therefore, each individual has a role to play for a community to maintain a stable status. An in-depth evaluation divulges that the healthcare providers might depend on the efforts of farmers to get food. Palpably, the same medical experts require the intervention of other professionals in other areas of studies to make their lives complete or rather to live comfortable lives. With this in mind, I can assert that unity is a vital factor which ought not to be overlooked. 

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As a Christian, I value people who are reluctant to prioritize their personal interests over the pleas of the majority. It is essential to note that some nurses and other physicians might be unwilling to assist patients who are unable to meet certain demands due to financial constraints or other issues. This situation can make them to provide low quality services to the underprivileged masses but treat the wealthy with extreme care and professionalism. This is unethical from my point view because according to Christianity people deserve to be treated equally. However, the weak in the society should also be motivated to work hard to alter their economic situation and become independent.   

Analysis of Determinant Factors

The positive efforts of the government and other non-governmental agencies in creating effective medical platforms deserve credit. On the other hand, my upbringing has been crucial in influencing my individual motives and opinions. As a young child, my mother used to tell me never to trust strangers. Hence, I grew up believing that not every person can assist me to achieve my objectives. This has affected my values and beliefs both positively and deleteriously. For instance, I strongly believe that the current competitive era has affected the way people view things in the life. The masses struggle to benefit themselves and their family members, and as a results, fail to consider the wellbeing of others who live closer to them. Therefore, in as much as the government might be willing to assist different citizens, factors such as corruption taint their good motives. According to Oleske (2014), physicians can offer low quality services but still be assured of getting their monthly pay. 

Political waves and ideologies cannot be overshadowed under this topic. Politicians who are full of false promises continue to reduce the chances of revival and reformation in medical departments. These people have the ability to persuade and dupe the masses through policies which are attractive to the ears of the majority. On the contrary, they affect the way people select their leaders. This is because they end up cherry picking the noise makers and sideline those who are capable of bringing the chances that they all desire and deserve. Consequently, I believe that in some cases, the high cost of medical services are propelled through the existence of political leaders who put their interests at the focal position. Furthermore, this leaders also protect the medical experts who support them politically. According to Leslie et al. (2014), they might work in cohesion with the administration of different medical institutions to cushion their positions, but at the same time, they fail to pin point the atrocities they cause within their authoritative boundaries.


The nature of human beings is complicated primarily because people have dissimilar characters and behaviors. This issue has allowed me to discover some traces of inconsistences in medical operations in line with what my beliefs and values. For example, a nurse can work well under certain conditions, but be unable to hit the same level of perfection in another scenario. At this point, a person can avow that there exist other factors which might affect the efficacy of an individual at work. A nurse who might be facing personal challenges is vulnerable to failure in alignment to the quality of services they offer (Holloway & Galvin, 2016). Thus, the society should not be quick to judge others before understanding the situation at hand. This explains why the administration of medical institutions must be willing to listen to or rather elevate the entreaties of their workers to ensure that they merge with the quality expectations of their patients. 

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In summary, various ethical principles are imperative because they teach the masses concrete significant values. Even though my perceptions might be contradictive, I strongly embrace notions that upsurge the importance of unity in the society. Every professional must be ready to assist their clients because at some point they might need them under different circumstances. Hence, the quality of the healthcare services must reflect the stretch of the cash spent on the treatment process. Additionally, nurses ought to be trained to ensure that they are more effective while on duty.    

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