Is Hamlet Crazy

Subject: 📚 Literature
Type: Analytical Essay
Pages: 4
Word count: 838
Topics: 👑 Hamlet, 📗 Book, 🧔 William Shakespeare
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Readers and viewers of Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” may occasionally believe that Hamlet, the protagonist, appears to be crazy, but in fact he is not. Hamlet is attempting to avenge the death of his father. The madness that people assume they see in Hamlet is what Hamlet observes in himself when he reflects on his actions. It is tough for him to go for revenge because he is supposed to slay a man, but on the other side — the murderer of his father.

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The evidence that Hamlet is not crazy

Hamlet is in despair because he cannot fulfill the request of his father’s ghost to avenge his death. Hamlet finds he cannot share his father’s opinion. The prince seeks to follow the sequence to fulfill the plan, but does not lose his common sense. Observing that Hamlet hesitates about revenge, one can realize he is not crazy. His desperate unwillingness to kill someone embodies his pent-up desire for his mother’s lover; Hamlet would be executing someone like himself if he killed Claudius. Therefore, his mother’s lover is his father’s murderer. There is no explanation as to why Hamlet doubts or contemplates massacring his mother’s man. He himself is bewildered by everything that has happened, so he would not be able to do the right things. Claudius, the murderer, gives Hamlet no choice but to take matters into his own control to avenge what his father wanted him to do.

Hamlet is very unforeseeable; you can never guess whether he will speak sincerely or harshly, softly or strongly, quietly or furiously. The fact that he does not comprehend how to respond to events does not indicate that he is crazy. It is not crazy when he tries to stand up for someone who is close to him. The mother’s new husband may give the impression that he is concerned about her and loves her, but in fact he is not. Hamlet actually cherishes his mother and does not want her to be harmed by Claudius. The sole way to establish this is to take revenge by murdering Claudius. Hamlet may appear mad when he cannot persuade his mother to notice him and explain to her what may happen or what has already taken place. People may misinterpret it as madness when he refers to his mother like this.

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Hamlet is visibly distressed at the reflection that his father has been substituted in his affection for his mother by someone different. The prince realizes that he was completely supplanted by his mother’s new lover because he was the next in line to the crown. Furthermore, he is aware that his father was betrayed by his own brother. Although Hamlet understood that he could not follow the similar path as his father, he would not wish anyone else from his own family to follow it instead. As a son, he feels abandoned by his own mother when she did not confide in him at a time when she should have recognized that she would ultimately suffer. But Hamlet does not let himself go crazy, although he is in pain inside and slightly enraged. He cannot complete anything about it now, except to take revenge on Claudius, as his father bequeathed him. The issue of Hamlet’s insanity, whether it was accurate or mistaken, experiences the identical and more fundamental problems on the way to its solving.

A number of authors and audiences have called into question Hamlet’s insanity, or what people perceived to be his craziness. He may be considered deranged because Claudius slayed his father, just as Hamlet may be viewed as insane because his mother married Claudius and did not comprehend that he was the one who murdered her previous husband. Hamlet’s craziness may seem natural to some and simulated to others, it may be perceived in any way, but it does not indeed make him crazy. The insanity can be seen as something that he couldn’t stand any longer and he nothing but had to commit suicide. Even if he contemplated killing himself, that doesn’t make him a madman. Insanity is on a more diverse level than craziness. Hamlet’s craziness did not rise to the point that caused problems, although he murdered Polonius, but it was Polonius’ battle.


After all, some may recognize his actions inadequate or even verging on craziness, Hamlet remains an ordinary man who is confronting an extremely complex situation, trying to fulfill the request of his father’s ghost and ultimately establish justice in his life. Hamlet is influenced by everything that is happening around him, from which he can sometimes go a little crazy. Hamlet desperately tries to satisfy his father, who is a ghost, so he frantically seeks revenge on Claudius. By the time the play ends, almost everyone’s a little out of their minds, feeling that they are in a desperate or unsolvable position, or they are unsure of what to believe. Hamlet may not be crazy, but he does become a little deranged when things start to spin out of control.

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