Langston Hughes Influence On Harlem Renaissance

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Topics: Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes
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Langston Hughes’s literary performance during the luminous period of the Harlem Renaissance is an outstanding expression of the dark scientific, intellectual, and creative activity that took place over the course of the 1920s in a number of American city neighborhoods, most notably in Harlem. Nevertheless, Hughes was not only a gifted poet, but an outstanding writer who also produced a considerable variety of books, short stories, published columns, and dramas. He made an effort to genuinely represent the charms and challenges of the hard life of ordinary workers, while eschewing both dreamy romanticization and adverse summarizations. The writer primarily composed his works based on his emotions and first impressions of the events that befell him. The path of life and cultural creativity of Langston Hughes had a tremendous impact in shaping the craftsmanship and social value of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s.

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The rise of Langston Hughes’ artistic path

Hughes made no distinction between his personal comprehension and the ordinary background of dark America. From childhood, he was raised in an intellectual atmosphere of exploration of his roots and his culture. The writer aimed to convey the stories of his ancestors in a way that reflected their authentic culture, such as their suffering and their love of music, giggles, and their own language. Hughes didn’t merely have a beneficial effect on this creative evolution by pushing the boundaries with his poems, he leaned on worldwide encounters, revealed kindred souls among his fellow artists, made a strong stand for the possible results of dark craftsmanship, and influenced how posterity will remember the Harlem Renaissance in history. Hughes endorsed the dark artists, and George Schuyler, a copy editor for a dark newspaper in Pittsburgh, wrote an article titled “The Negro-Art Hokum”. The article restricted the existence of “Negro craftsmanship” by arguing that African-American masters transmitted European influences to their white counterparts and in this way created the same kind of work.

Langston Hughes’s most prominent works and his legacy in American culture

It is equally necessary to mention Hughes’s incredibly written work “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain”. In this valuable piece, he masterfully portrayed black artists who reject their racial manner of life as a mountain that breaks the common stream of any apparent Negro craft in America. However, he insisted that in contrast to the neglect of their distinct individuality, as young black professionals in the workforce today, we hope to be able to interact with our black peers without fear or shame. Langston Hughes undoubtedly employs an infinite number of familiar themes at work in his poems. Some of the primary and most relevant themes found in his writings are music, generosity, prejudice, resilience, shared memory, and the American spirit. Hughes predominantly focuses on two underlying themes that are central to his sonnets. These are collective memories and American character. These two specific meanings undoubtedly contributed to Hughes’s broad meaning of his sonnets “Auntie Sue’s Stories” and “I, Too, Sing America.” Hughes instantly revealed the struggles that African Americans were facing in America, and he was grappling with how unfair it was. He was aware that sooner or later everyone would be treated the same way and everyone would be lumped in with the Americans. The sonnets were created to reflect the authentic culture and difficulties of African Americans, with the honorable intention that whites could emulate his poetry.

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A man whose name will forever be inscribed in the prosperity of the African-American community’s voice

In the 1920s, when Hughes, who was 21 years old, courageously traveled to Africa, the Harlem Renaissance was pushing forcefully to engulf Africa with imagination and creative intelligences. A number of white scientists powerfully influenced the African-American origins of Africa. Vachel Lindsay accurately represents one such notable instance. His «The Congo» inspired sonnets influenced the sophisticated creative mind of Langston Hughes. Hughes’s sonnets about listening to African drums, “Danse Africaine” for example, echo Lindsay’s work. Langston Hughes passed away on May 22, 1967, in New York City from prostate illness. To commemorate him, the New York City Preservation Commission designated his home at 20 East 127th Street in Harlem as a landmark and East, 127th Street was redesignated as L. Hughes Place. A great American writer whose name will forever be inscribed in the social history of the intellectual development and flourishing of African-American culture.

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