Participant observation

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I went to an elegant restaurant which had a modern look and it was tastefully designed. The modern design of the restaurant had very impressive and eye catching displays and with particularly artistic digital signage on screens suspended in every corner of the restaurant. The interior décor and design of the restaurant looked very innovative with an extraordinary color scheme and the lighting was subdued. Soft and pleasing music filled the air. The smell of tasteful and delicious foods and cuisines in the background created a warm ambience in the restaurant. The restaurant had a layout that was very spacious with an attractive and quite appealing table setting with plush seating. The service staffs were very attractive, courteous and they were also very organized in their particular duties. The customers that were seated in the restaurant and also those who came in looked very vibrant and comfortable. Although the restaurant was full to capacity, the spacious layout made it look very organized. Customers who came into the restaurant were very friendly to the service staff and on almost every table the customers seemed to interact well with each other. Each and every table had digitized menus where a customer was in a position to place an order and the service staff delivered the specific orders for each customer. Most customers were engaged in friendly and prolonged conversations with each other and also with the service staff. The customers seemed to enjoy their experience in the elegant restaurant since most of them did not leave the restaurant as quickly as they came in they stayed in to enjoy the cuisines, the ambience and the friendly conversations. The service staff approached each table with a friendly smile and they seemed ready and willing to assist whenever possible (“The Importance of Customer Perceptions of the Physical Environment”).


The seating plan and arrangement allows for at least three to five customers at a table with most of the customers who came in to the restaurant choosing to seat on tables which had other customers. The restaurant service staff interacts with customers in a formal though friendly way when the customers inquire about their orders and also when the service inquires about how the food was. The staff also seemed aware of the needs of each customer they serving as each of the staff was assigned to specific tables with specific customers. Most of the customers during this interaction responded in a very respectful and friendly way. Informal interaction on the other hand mainly takes between customers seated on the same table and in fewer cases customers got into conversations with other customers across tables (Tuzunkan and Albayrak).

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Social interaction or interactionism is sociological concept that is evident in the elegant restaurant setting. The interactionism sociological concept is defined as a theoretical aspect in which the society is said to be a particular product of daily social interactions among many people. Interactionism mainly focuses on social interactions that are small scale. (“Understanding Social Interaction | Boundless Sociology”)

Both customers and the service staff in the restaurant enjoy interacting, whether formal interaction or informal interaction both enjoy it. Customers interact with each other as they converse with each other on different discussion topics and on the other hand the service staff interact with the customers and vice versa when placing orders and also when inquiring on the service. As customers come in they choose to seat on partially filled table and not empty tables regardless of whether they know the other customers or not and they essentially get engaged in conversations (“Interactionism In Sociology: Definition & Examples – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.Com”).

Social change or modernism is also another sociological concept that is evident in the restaurant setting. Social change entails the impact of rise of globalization together with the media technologies and how these two aspects have led individuals into freely building their own culture and identity. Customers in the restaurant embrace each other regardless whether they know each or not as they interact with each other. Use of digitized menus by the customers to place orders depicts the embracing of social change by the customers and more so the restaurant. Even though most of the customers interact through making prolonged conversations on discussion topics, a number of them use mobile devices, tablets and other technological devices while interacting with each other. Service staff also takes their orders electronically and this also depicts modernism (“Modernism Vs Postmodernism”).

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