Macbeth Critical Analysis

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In the play by William Shakespeare, Macbeth determines what happens to him. First, the decision to murder King Duncan, which is seen as the decisive moment in the story, brings evil to him. In essence, after the murder of the king, Macbeth is no longer the loyal and a good warrior as before; but rather, has obsessive desire for power, fame, and security, which make him to murder other innocent people (Macbeth et al., 2016). Macbeth, therefore, decided to believe and follow the prophesy of the weird sisters, the three hideous witches; hence, he decided his own fate.

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It all started at the realistic moment in which King Duncan, who is of Scottish descent, was to hear of the most fascinating news in which Banquo and Macbeth had managed to defeat two separate armies that had the prior intent of invading the kingdom (Campbell, 2017). The two included the generals who had time and again were loyal to the king. One of the invading armies was from Norway while the other one had been from Ireland. In the midst of the battle, the duo encountered the three witches who gave them the prophecy that Macbeth would be raised to the rank of the Scottish nobility and eventually end up being the King of the Scottish (Macbeth et al., 2016).

In a nutshell, if at all the witches had a part in ascertaining that Macbeth would remain as the noble king as it had been prophesied by the trio witches, he would not have to make elimination plans. Such include the plan that he devised, which included hiring murders to take the life of both Banquo and Fleance. Therefore, this is an outright indication that Macbeth had a significant role to play in determining the manner in which events turned out in the course of his life.

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