Motivation Reflective Essay

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It is the desire of every employer for the employees to be motivated at all time in the workplaces to increase their productivity (Lazaroiu, 2015). However, in real life, people are not always motivated. Due to the difference between the desire of the employers and the real situation experiences of the employees, it is evident that the process of motivation is a complex subject that requires advanced research. Interestingly, there are numerous of researches that have been conducted in this area. Hence, the purpose of this essay is to apply the relevant theories and concept to a specific event that motivated me. The paper supposes that the expectancy theory, the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Hwthrone effect were effective in explaining the motivation that was caused by the high school examination results.

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Concrete Experience

The event that extremely motivated me is the high school graduation. Passing high school is not as easy as it may sound. There is a lot of peer pressure in and out of school thus, making it hard for the students to study. Accordingly, after visiting the notice board of my former school and confirming that my name and index number were on the pass list, I was extremely motivated. I was motivated to call people and share the great news. The degree of cheer based on the fact that I had passed the last examination in the high school level motivated me to plan for the graduation party and invite everybody.  In addition, I was motivated to the extent that I immediately realized that attending the graduation parties is a very important factor to the graduates. Before that, I used to think that graduation parties are supposed to be only for the family members. However, on this event, I had a great urge to invite even the people I do not know to come for the graduation party ceremony in the school and the after party in our home.  Lastly, the event motivated me to have a greater zeal in career development. The observation that I passed the examination gave me a new perceptive about myself, that is, I am able to conquer academic challenges and compete with the best intellectuals.

Reflective Observations

As I was checking my name on the past list hanged on the notice board of the school, I realized that people had different reactions. Those who did attain the grades that they desired remained calml, with an exception of a few females who cried. However, most of the people had passed and there was a common trend where the candidates made calls to their loved ones as soon as possible to convey the good news. In addition, a greater percentage of the people who passed the last examination were highly motivated in planning for parties. The high motivation of planning parties was noticed from observing that most of the students were inviting each other to their parties even without consulting whether the other people also have their own parties.

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Concerning my reaction to the high school examination results, I do not think one would have reacted differently. Nonetheless, I acknowledge that people have different ways of reacting. More importantly, they are motivated by very varying factors. Therefore, some would have reacted as I did while others would have maintained their calmness. In addition, there are those who would become afraid because they are not sure whether they will afford to plan a party or even to go the university.

Abstract Conceptualization

The motivation that I had for sharing my results with many people, plan and go to the university was brought about by the feeling of being appreciated for the hard work that I did in the previous years. There are different theories that have linked the relationship between appreciation and motivation. Therefore, these theories can be used to explain the origin and mechanism of the motivation that was caused by passing the final high school examinations. The theories and concepts include but limited to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Hawthorne effect, and the expectancy theory.

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs concept supposes that human beings strive to satisfy their physiological, safety, loving, esteem, and self-actualization needs in that order from the most preferred to the least (Anderson, 2014). Since passing the examinations increased my self-esteem, I was motivated by the desire to continue enjoying high-confidence by seek for university opportunities.

The Hawthorne Effect supposes that some people tend to increase their performance when they are being investigated or observed (Todd, 2017). Accordingly, the motivation I had to do a party was generated by the desire to make social statement because I have been recognized by more people.

The expectancy theory supposes that people are motivated by things that they have perceived to have beneficial outcome (Purvis, Zagenczyk, & McCray, 2015). In this case, I was motivated to tell many people about my high school examination results because I already knew that they will praise me for I had passed the examinations.

Active Experimentation

The next time that I will experience high degree of motivation I will ensure that I do not engage in activities only because I am motivated by the fact that people are watching as explained by the Hawthorne effect. To have control over motivation relating to the Hawthorne Effect will assist in avoiding unnecessary expenditures and activities.

Based on the expectancy theory, people are motivated in the workplace setting by ensuring they are working towards a specific set of goals that is appealing to their wants and needs.

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Companies should use the proposition of fulfilling the human needs rather than want to increase the motivation of the employees. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows that people are more motivated by the desire to satisfy their basic needs rather than wants.

Accordingly, the best theories that should be used to increase my motivation level include the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the expectancy theory because I am encouraged to work hard to acquire the expected or set rewards.


It has been established that the high school final examination results motivated me to tell large number of people concerning my results, to plan for a party and to prepare for the University enrollment. In light of this, the following theories and concepts were found to give explanation pertaining to the mechanism under which the results of the high school examinations were turned to high degree of motivation. The theories include the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Hawthorne Effect, and the Expectancy theory. In light of this, it was found that organizations should use the Expectancy and the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to motivate the employees because the Hawthorne Effect concept requires the employees to be constantly supervised. However, the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Expectancy theory work on the basis that the employee will increase his or her performance to acquire or achieve the expected or set rewards given by the company.

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