My type of temperament

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According to my Jung Typology Test results, my personality type is INTJ (, which means Introvert (47%), Intuitive (13%), Thinking (28%), and Judging (41%), which I would like to analyze in this paper. The first criterion is “Introvert,” and its value is 47%, which means that I am inclined to the introvertive perception of life and attach more importance to the inner world than the outer one. The second criterion is “Intuitive” with its value of 13%, meaning that I prefer to rely upon my own conception about things based on my own understanding of the world. The next criterion is “Thinking” with its value of 28%; this means that I prefer to make decisions based on logical reasoning, without any influence of feelings and emotions. And the last criterion is “Judging” with its value of 41%, which means that my perception of the world is rational and I identify it as an ordered structure.

To find out my type of temperament, let us get acquainted with Keirsey Temperament Sorter ( Keirsey identified four types of temperament: Guardians, Idealists, Artisans, and Rationals. According to his research, the INTJ type, which he called Mastermind, relates to Rationals. Thus, in general, I can describe myself as a self-confident person and a “system builder”, that is, a person who can apply theoretical models and frameworks in practice. Also, Keirsey noted that people with the INTJ type of temperament live their inner world, concentrating on the possibilities and probabilities of future events, relying on their logical deduction, and preferring that things and people bring some benefit. Such people do not recognize authorities based on social status, titles, or past merits. They always see the prospects for development and the consequences of applying new ideas or principles, and they can be ruthless in the application of the system, without taking into account the costs of time and energy. As representatives of any profession, they are inclined to systematize.

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I think, owing to the above characteristics, I can engage in such a professional activity where theoretical models can be implemented. According to the information that I got after I had passed the test, I can achieve equally good results both in the role of a scientific researcher and in the role of an administrator capable of translating and applying any ideas in practice.

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