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Dear Sir or Madam:


I am a youth aged twenty-five years, and I am currently pursuing a career in Photographic Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am writing to request for the whereabouts of a possibility of a job position in your company. I have been through a wealthy of coursework regarding Photographic Sciences as well as cooperative educational experiences that have highly shaped my experience. As such, I have specialized in ophthalmic photography which I have been exercising for a period of a one year, and which I intend to pursue throughout my life.

My experience as an ophthalmic photographer has been full of different responsibilities and learning processes some including taking images of the eye using various types of cameras, as well as disassembling and assembling the different types of equipment used in eye hospitals. Moreover, I am always researching about new eye hospital equipment, eye treatment principles and patient management strategies which have helped me to have vast knowledge in my line of specialization. My level of attention on issues regarding my area of specialization is near-obsessive and has always helped me in unraveling challenging problems and also gather an excellent amount of knowledge. I have through experience come to realize that virtually everything on Earth, including those that seem very complicated, has a solution that often do not come easily and which requires one to simply think in a diversified manner. My friends on campus know me as a problem solver, and that has exposed me to different sorts of challenges that have with time shaped my character.

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Equally important, I cherish independence and always seek to work in a challenging environment where my experience is subjected to crisis and changes. My slogan has always been ‘Hard work pays, ’ and through it, I have maintained an exemplary level of persistence that guarantees highest quality results even in the most challenging conditions. My foresightedness and sensitivity to changes, moreover, assist me to foreseen changes and thus embrace them with ease.

I am also a team player who is both future, as well as goal and results oriented. I have known the joy of setting my own deadlines that are shorter than those established by my heads or friends and that way I have never had issues of unmet time limits. My campus colleagues have even given me the title of a time-keeper because of my time consciousness which always helps me attain high achievements. As such, my groups both in school and the institutions where I have been interned have always finished their tasks ahead of the others and with the highest quality product.


Consequently, I have learned to be proud of my career which I have devoted myself to help humans in all manner that I can. My choice of specialization had been influenced by the concerns of increasing eye illnesses and the love of helping people. It is thus because of this reason I would love to work for a serious organization, like yours, that values people and which deals with various eye-illness treatment as I become a part of the institution’s success. If offered a chance in your company, I am sure I could prove what a strong asset I am.


I have strong skills in delivering high-quality photographic images, managing a fully functional library of pictures, taking photos on the OCT, B Scan, Fundus, ERG and retinal camera photo equipment, and documentation of photographic documents for medical research as well as procedures and risk management purposes. I am also skilled in employee training and customer relations.


Kindly feel appreciated for your time and attention. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any concern.






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