IOM Report on Nursing

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The 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report is an insightful evaluation of the dimensions in which the roles, responsibilities and the education of nurses are expected to change in a bid to adapt to the needs and expectations of the increasingly aging population and respond to the ever-evolving complex healthcare systems (Fischer, 2017). The recommendations gathered in this report provides a significant relationship between the needs of patients and the workforce availed by nurses. This discussion paper will offer insightful ways in which the 2010 IOM report impacted the future of nursing.

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IOM Impact on Nursing Education

The 2010 IOM report provided a detailed outlook with regards to the roles that nurses were expected to be committed to in the ever-evolving healthcare system as the new health policies and legislations were in the process of being implemented over time. The IOM advocated for higher levels of training and education amongst practicing nurses courtesy of an improved system of education, which availed seamless progressions in the education system (Bryant‐Lukosius et al., 2017). According to the report, for individuals to obtain an entry level license, the individuals must achieve higher education levels to enable them to adapt to the evolving healthcare systems.

It advocated for the acquisition of a baccalaureate degree at the entry level to avail new methods and platforms of care that will work in a uniform way (Forrester, 2016). With more nurses attaining advanced education in the form of baccalaureate degrees and putting their knowledge and skills to the fullest potential, they tended to work hand in hand with other health professionals for the purposes of clinical practice to conduct efficient research that could avail solutions to some serious healthcare problems (Fischer, 2017).

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IOM Impact on Nursing Practice

According to the IOM report, nurses are supposed to possess a great potential that will lead to the development of strategic platforms that tend to bring improvements to the healthcare systems. In the past, there existed barriers that prevented nurses from practicing their roles and responsibilities in an effective way. The report stated that these barriers needed to be eliminated to enable nurses to adapt to changes in the health sector and practice nursing effectively. Since the implementation of the IOM report, barriers in the health sector that prevented nurses from practicing their roles in a favorable environment were eliminated for the purposes of effective practicing of nursing roles and activities (Friberg & Creasia, 2015). Courtesy of the IOM report, more effective partnerships between nurses with other colleagues such as physicians were created in a bid to redesign the health care sector as a means of meeting the goals of the report.

IOM Impact on Nurses role as Leaders

Nurses have witnessed the massive transformation in the health sector ever since the drafting and release of the 2010 IOM report. The report aimed to empower nurses as leaders. In this regard, the report categorized the empowerment of nurses as a key platform towards the realization of objectives that were created to reform the new health care legislations (Fischer, 2017). In the report, nurses are expected to lead change in the healthcare in terms of new reforms created by the IOM report. In addition, the report emphasized on the creation of leadership programs that natured nurses’ capacity to adapt to leadership changes that have since created additional opportunities to the personal and professional growth of nurses.

IOM Impact on My Practice

As a well-educated nurse in the workforce, I can provide quality healthcare and health education to families and patients. The IOM report and the Affordable Care Act created room for nurses like me to expand our duties to encounter demands that are complicated in nature. Due to the existence of innovations in information systems and technological tools, I am required to obtain higher education levels so as to help the nation in matching the healthcare needs of the population, which is a key to the growth of a nation like the United States (Friberg & Creasia, 2015).


After the adoption of the IOM report, nurses began to be recognized as the platform for obtaining sustainable health services in the United States. They gained confidence in being at the forefront of healthcare service improvements that came ahead of several quality initiatives. Cost effective, comprehensive and family-based models of healthcare services provided by nurses due to the IOM report have since become popular in the United States. It is, therefore, clear that the IOM report provided a sense of direction and natured leadership amongst nurses in the healthcare sector. Nurses, who form the largest section of professionals in the healthcare sector, were equipped with new tools, courtesy of the IOM report, that tended to meet the changing needs of patients.

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