Powerful people in America and how they influence governance

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The American government was formulated to serve the interests of the public, but this notion of democracy has now become an illusion. The government responds to the desires of the elites and the wealthiest citizens and gives a blind eye to the ordinary citizen. In his book, Domhoff confirms that those who have power in the United States are those who have money, own land and run big corporates (Lichtman, 2015). According to Cassidy (2014), analysts found that corporate-dominated interest groups and rich individuals dominate the policymaking process. By doing so, they get to effect new laws that favor their situations and forget that the ordinary citizens are also as significant. When the economic elites oppose a given law, it is unlikely to be passed as one, this shows how the American government is divided and only those with wealth and high status quo have the upper hand.

However, average citizens have contributed to this culture. Most of them are ignorant and inattentive to politics and public policy (Lichtman, 2015). Also, they have abandoned their participation in grassroots movements and throughout history; it is evident that government would respond to such mobilization. For example, politicians respond to mass mobilization as proven by Women’s movements of the 1970s and Civil rights of 1960s (Cassidy, 2014). Without an extensive presence on the ground, people-oriented movements cannot fight against these high-end people who now have significant influence on the government and formulation of public policies. It is concluded that as long as policy making is dominated by powerful business organizations and the wealthy, then America’s democratic society is severely susceptible.

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