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When people arrive in the United States from different countries across the world, they usually have diverse expectation. They tend to think about the United States in a variety of ways which in the course of their stay in the United States, some are able to fulfil their expectations while others end up being disappointed to a great extent. The United states just like any other country in the world has its strengths as well as challenges. Many people especially from third world countries perceive the West to be a place where everything is perfect. However, the United States has political, Social, Geographical obstacles that if a newcomer is not aware of may end up being greatly affected. With reference to key Characters in different films and movies covered in class such as Miss Waxham, Sergio Leone, and Fong See, this paper will outline these obstacles vis some vis the expectations of our main characters.

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Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong had great expectation of the West. They had big dreams and imagined to West to be a civilized place where different challenges facing Third world countries would not prevail. However, the reality is contra to their expectations.  They all tend to think that the United States experienced revolution. However, towards the end, they came to realize that the west experienced horrible conflicts. These conflicts ranges from family conflicts, community conflicts, and national conflicts. Families were being destroyed, people massacred in large numbers, friends betraying each other among other forms of evil.  Leone for instance presents the West to be Violent, dirty, and depressing (Frayling, 13).

Leaders in the West are very political. The hunger and thirst for power is quite evident in the west just like any other country in the world. Political leaders corrupt, violate laws, and engage in different immoral activities such as drug trafficking to get money for them to sustain their political positions. Many leaders are greedy and put personal interest ahead of the people whom there are supposed to serve. This results to lack of job, inequality in distribution of resources, hence high levels of poverty in different regions across the west.

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The main challenge for newcomers in the West is their inability to access, spot, and interpret different political actions (McPhee & John, 69). Top government leaders maintain high level secrecy such that newcomers cannot easily recognize their immoralities. The aspect of power and riches is clearly evident in the west similar to other undeveloped and less developed countries. Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong therefore, expected the west to be a civilized region which great levels of revolutionizing, political stability and fairness, geographical accessible, cultural oneness, among all other positive vices. Little did they know that some those expectations were contra to the reality.  It is important to note that some of their expectations also were met although maybe not to satisfactory levels (See, Lisa, & Kate, 24).

Most of the States that Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong came form were poorly governed. Poor governance results to poverty, degradation of resources, resources mismanagement, retarded infrastructural growth, among other. Fong See for instance state was too poor that they could not afford flights, trains and boats. The only accessible means of transport was though roads. To make the matters worse, the roads were very much damaged that getting to one’s destination could take a prolonged period of time. The west therefore provided to them such amenities that enabled them work with much ease ((McPhee & John, 27).

A unique feature about Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong was that they were actors and writers. Despites, their great expectations to see great in the west in terms of governance, infrastructure development, economic stability, they also wanted to see their career advance. Leone is “Once upon a time in the West” is an excellent illustration of his admiration of the West. Leone greatly admired different Westerners in the film industry such as the American director, John Ford, whose picturesque, presentation, storylines abilities, casting among other were quite unique (Frayling, 36). This made not only Leone but also Miss Waxham and Fong to greatly admire the American directors. This dream came true as they were able to link up which these directors towards making their publications more attractive hence marketable.

People are free to imagine and their imagination should not be limited to any circumstance. One can imagine basically anything and to the extent which pleases them. At the same time, as people imagine, they start having desires which result to dreams. Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong each had great expectations of the West which resulted to their dreams of seeking to experience what the West could offer them which their homelands could not. Each one of them thus tireless worked quite hard towards achieving their dreams and at the long last, they achieved what they wanted.  Each one of them made successful publications through the guidance and inspirations of different Western directors. They were also able to enjoy different amenities and resources that made the achievement of their dreams easier (Frayling, 54).

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The West although sometimes different from people expectations has in one way or another influenced the lives of many people. Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong for instance all had the desire to experience the great and exceptional privileges in the west. Their desire to excel pushed them to work extra hard and access the west towards fulfilling their expectations. The significant that about the West is that there were some eye catching technological advancements that attracted many people including Miss Waxham, Sergio, and Fong. This is why people desired to experience these advancements many of which were not in their homelands. These advancements were in terms of, availability of amenities, video production, infrastructural growth, among others (McPhee & John, 8).

The way in which people think about the West although some thoughts are exaggerated, tend to become a reality in their lives. This is because what they expect, builds the desire in them which make them go for it. In a number of publications, Sergio Leone, could not meet the required publishing expectation and thus could not come out to the lime light. However, after his experiences with the West, he made quality productions which makes him our reference point today. People should therefore not limit their imaginations and expectations to smaller things but rather dream to have the best even at an extra cost. Just in the same way that the Newcomers in the United States discovered some obstacles, challenges to ones dreams will always happened but once they remain focused, they surely will get the best.

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