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The 2016 Oregon State of Transformation Health Policy Seminar

The meeting was conducted in September 28, 2016 in Oregon State.

The detailed agenda was managing the end of life care experience which was conducted at 1:00 pm.

This was the largest Oregon gathering about reforms in health policy conference with leaders in healthcare and experts from the state. The primary goal of the meeting was to shape the state of healthcare in Oregon. The occasion pulled together policy makers, practitioners into a unified conversation where the attendants had the opportunity to work together with various experts in healthcare. Despite looking at various health reforms, experts centered on end of life care there is more which needs to be done to improve quality of life (State of Reform, 2016).

End of life care refers to support for individuals who are in their last months of their life. This type is supposed to assist a person well until their demise with dignity. The policy requires that the individuals providing this service to ask about the preferences and wishes of an individual and then take them into account as they plan with the ailing person about his care. The healthcare providers are also supposed to provide support to the carers, family and other individual who are important to the patient.

The speakers in the conference further emphasized that the policy states that the patient has the right to express his wishes regarding where they would like to get their care and the place they would like to die. They can get their end of life at home, hospices, care homes or hospitals. Individuals who are reaching their end of life have a right to high quality care whenever they are being cared for.

Furthermore, the end of life care is provided by various social and healthcare experts based on the needs of the patient. For instance doctors, community nurses and counsellors might be involved. Worthy of noting is that end of life care incorporates palliative care whereby if a patient has sickness that can be healed, palliative care makes an individual comfortable by managing different distressing symptoms (Government of United Kingdom , n.d.).

The policy also require that the end of life care to commence when the patient needs it and it should carry on until the patient’s demise. Individuals who are considered to be in need of this service are those who are projected to die within a year. Despite the time being a problem to predict, it includes individuals whose death is forthcoming and people who have advanced irrepressible diseases such as dementia and cancer.

This healthcare public policy meeting therefore highlights the fresh guidance rules which were produced in 2015 regarding the care for adults in their last days of life. This guidance provides coverage to manage common symptoms respect and dignity for dying individuals their carers and relatives. The conference also shows how an individual can plan ahead because the speakers covered legal issues which could help a person to plan for their future care. It involves building a lasting power of the attorney so that people or an individual can make the right decision about their care especially when they cannot to do so by themselves.

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