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In my daily activities, I interact with several people both in class, at the shopping malls, while running my personal errands, and on the road. These people make part of my immediate environment and help to shape my behavior and expectations. However, I have examined my life and the relationships that have worked or failed to work with friends, colleagues, and family and found a consistent trend that explains why some relationships are successful and others are not. Regardless of one’s character, it is apparent that the type of friends one chooses depends on the compatibility of personalities. 

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Personality is the long established behavior of an individual which tells how the individual is likely to respond to various situations such as confrontations, friendships, victories, and personal development. For friendships to be meaningful, the individuals in the relationship must identify their compatibility level such that they can work together towards a meaningful association. A meaningful association is regarded as the interaction that cultivates comfort and sense of trust (HB, n.d). Nonetheless, an individual like me has a variety of friend categories which are all different from one another. For instance, I have friends at school, at home, at the shopping mall, in another state, and I have also lost some friends on each of these categories. The universal factors leading to successful friendships according to my experiences are mutuality of interests, communication, self-examination, compromising, and optimism (Vanore-Black, 1990).

Mutuality of interest is a factor that brings people together. I have observed that I make friends with people who share the same interests as I am or those I accomplish certain activities with. Through school and personality compatibility, I make friends at school and consider them academic colleagues (HB, n.d). At the same time, every place I frequent such as the neighborhood, I make friends based on the fact that we live near each other and the mutual interest of looking out for each other serves as a solid foundation. However, every type of friendship has its demands such as the level of understanding, the setting of the friendship, and the sustainability of the friendship (Vanore-Black, 1990).

In order to sustain relationships whether at school, home, work, or in a recreational facility, the individual matching your interests is a likely candidate for a friend. In my experience, once compatibility is established, the sustenance of the relationship is required. Communication is a sustainability factor and friends who have a good communication resolve conflicts much easier that those who lack it (HB, n.d). Good communication is the ability to express oneself with confidence and with the right attitude to satisfy the interests of all parties. Additionally, through communication, personalities are revealed and behavior differences can be identified and proper adjustment given a chance (Vanore-Black, 1990).

Adjustment in friendship involves compromise in which an individual is able to examine oneself then give others the benefit of the doubt. Additionally, there are psychological issues that may affect a personality such that compromise is necessary to benefit from strengths of the relationship. Through personality adjustment, I have been able to interact with various social classes, mindsets, and various ages identifying that social differences do not count in establishing successful friendships. The level of understanding between friends makes up for the compromises made within the friendship based on trust and honest.

Trust and honest are essential variables in the development of friendships. However, some friendships start and end before a long while others take a longer period to before breaking. I have observed that lack of trust is majorly cultivated by the absence of honesty (Vanore-Black, 1990). Dishonest in relationships is one among the factors that I can blame for the loss of once close friends (HB, n.d). With lack of honest, trust is compromised and a friendship without solid foundations of trust does not prevail. Trust is not only required to friends seen more often but it should embody the overall structure of the friendship. Friendships build on trust and prevail through proper application of honesty while they also fail based on the level of trust established between the parties.


Friendships are important social inputs that expand our understanding of the social environment. According to personal account, I have identified that some universal approaches to friendship lead to successful relationships. Good communication and self-evaluation go hand in hand fitting each individual in the other’s shoes and examining the platform to develop lasting solutions. Compromise and mutuality of interests are building blocks of meaningful friendships as influence reliability and compatibility. Lastly optimism is an additional factor which amends bad attitude and boosts confidence among friends.

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