Review of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five”

Subject: 🏺 History
Type: Analytical Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 547
Topics: 💣 World War 2, Fiction, 📗 Book, 😱 Emotions
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Kurt Vonnegut’s text titled “Slaughterhouse Five” is an intriguing story that explores an event that took place in the Second World War. The bombing of Dresden is the primary focus of the text despite the unpredictability of time throughout the story (Bloom 19). Kurt Vonnegut made use of humor and obscene language to convey an important message to his audience by evoking their emotions. The unpredictability and disarray in the text make it an outstanding work that has received attention from diverse literary critics. Vonnegut integrated facts and fiction in his effort to describe the bombing of Dresden to the highest level of imagination (Vonnegut 56). Undoubtedly, the narrator of the story depicts the events surrounding Billy Pilgrim, who is the main character. The style used by Vonnegut remains complex, and the plot is not easily apprehensible. However, the reader can associate the emotions that Billy Pilgrim experienced during the Dresden bombing. 

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Evidently, the subjected that Vonnegut explore was intense, compelling him to make difficult decisions on whether to depict the horror. Bill Pilgrim’s sense of despair makes it explicit that the events were terrorizing. Although the novel is lousy, it does not fall short in demonstrating how the bombing of Dresden was a dreadful event. Specifically, the horror associated with the event is evident in the timeliness as well as the back and forth plot that Vonnegut developed (Bloom 41). Undoubtedly, Billy Pilgrim’s presence in Dresden is the only reason why he had to witness the tragedy that took place. Undoubtedly, the story does not have a conventional plot like many other texts, explaining why Vonnegut succeeded in trapping the reader into a story that appears to be unending (Vonnegut 71). However, he succeeded in describing how the British and American bombs reached Dresden, causing the death of many people. Billy Pilgrim was one of the survivors, although he was serving as an American prisoner. He sought to retell the traumatic encounters that the people in Dresden lived to tell. Particularly, Vonnegut made it clear that it is difficult to describe a massacre that killed so many people. For this reason, he took the time to relate the events of the bombing to inform his reader.

Evidently, Vonnegut’s text has proven to be highly powerful because of the integration of facts and fictions. The tensions described throughout the story evoke varied emotions among readers. The lack of a conventional plot makes it difficult to comprehend the events that transpired (Bloom 33). Vonnegut did not give attention to developing an explicit perspective of time, an aspect that is central to his unique style (Vonnegut 39). He ensures that the story remains timeless yet intense and involving. The narrator baffles the reader with allegations that the book was never written. There is a distinct combination of the unpredictable aspect of time as well a back and forth narration that makes the story intriguing. Vonnegut does not leave out essential emotions surrounding the Dresden massacre. Evidently, “Slaughterhouse Five” remains to be Vonnegut’s most influential and controversial work. His style of narrating the events in a fluid nature remains outstanding.

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