Socialism and civil rights

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Currently, socialism is an infamous term that only a few Americans, if any, would stand in its favour. The explanation of socialism would be owning and regulation of various means of production and distribution by the community. As such, the advocacy by this political and economic theory is that the community is the absolute determinant of what direction production and distribution takes. On the other hand, civil rights refer to basic right to be freed from treatment inequalities based on characteristics that are protected. Currently, the origin of the civil rights and the one that directly amends the rights is the federal level of the US legislature. Various laws under the federal legislature are the ones that guarantee and regulate civil rights (Morgan, 2015). A relationship between socialism and civil rights can be drawn, so that an explanation is arrived at that civil rights relate significantly to socialism, a process of philosophy. The following represent a discussion of how civil rights derives from the process of philosophy.

From the work by Martin (2006), Lenin, a philosopher, stated that communist have a capacity to push for their objectives and that this should take them as a long as possible provided the course remains worth pursuing. As such, the opposite is true in socialism societies where people do not have a direct control of the societal contentious issues. Instead, the governments, that may not be directly chosen by the societal, determine what ought to be included as people’s rights. The concept is embraced by institutions and governments throughout the world as one of the aspects of governance.

The chief objective of what is described as the Party of Lenin in the book by Martin (2016) was to effect socialistic order on an international level. Through a takeover by the socialistic order, people tend to point out that the highly hailed communism order has failed. The enlightenment and the rationalist world view as described was characterised by attempts to bring revolutions as it was evident in 1789-1794 in the French revolution. Through such revolutions, the rationalists had belief that their faith and vision would be implemented. Unfortunately, the rationalists that were strong believers in communism did not succeed in their quest and socialism continued to dominate. It was through the socialism order French Constituent assembly voted in the declaration of rights. Although the pursuit for rationalism had initially been unsuccessful, the Napoleonic France came to get defeated and communism spread to the intellectual community in the western works. It was from the resultant reigns that people’s civic rights were derived and got established.

Socialism in the USA recognised the link between the capitalism and racism. It was through this recognition that the socialism advocates for the elimination of different forms of discrimination against people’s rights (Morgan, 2015). Such rights included the right to secure jobs; education and healthcare are services among many others. Different principles as was dictated by the socialism rules had commitment to ensuring that there was a pluralistic society that upheld multicultural presence in the private and the public spheres. In the present day the constitutional amendments provide an opportunity for individuals in the society to enjoy their freedoms and protection against unfair treatment caused by the denial of fundamental aspects of freedoms and rights. As a consequent of these actions in the country, individuals either citizens or foreigners have their fundamental rights and freedoms protected from any breach by the government.

In the today’s society, socialists still strive to overcome the link of intimacy between capitalism and racism through affirmative actions, laws that point towards antidiscrimination and civil rights (Morgan, 2015). In a special way, the described socialism ways directly striving to end institutional racism that has created a rift in the society whereby some individuals lack the resources or capability to attain their best in the society due to ineffective distribution of resources as well as opportunities. Language discrimination was also a derivative of socialism. In regard to socialists’ movements, without psychological and physical differences, socialist parties tend to recognize human and civil rights of all. The focus here, as it is evident in most of the civil rights, is on the person disabilities as opposed to a focus on their strengths and abilities.

In conclusion, the various aspects of socialism are being used in the society to address emerging issues such as increasing capitalism, globalization and immigration in the United States and Europe. Individuals and groups in the society have used socialist approaches to address challenges affecting individuals in the society through the regulation of the means used in the production and distribution of essential services and commodities in the society. For example, in managing excessing capitalism in the housing sector that has rendered families homeless, socialist approaches are used to provide an opportunity for individual to afford housing through the national housing program. Therefore the approach is important in ensuring that amidst the changes in the society, the welfare and wellbeing of individuals are addressed effectively by governments and organizations.

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