The Intervention by International Institutions

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International organizations such as the UN, the International Monetary Fund, and World Bank have been backing reform initiatives in emerging countries since the 1980s. There has been much debate about the involvement of these international organizations in the development of social policy in these countries. According to Andrews (2013), various writers have disapproved this involvement and support asserting that the international institutions use their influence to enforce common models of government on developing nations, which in turn infringes on the sovereignty of these countries. However, according to Andrews, that external influence is widespread across all nations, and had been growing.

The intervention of international government in social policy issues in developing countries has played an important role in reinforcing right or accepted “rules of the game” in government in the developing countries. According to Andrews, different international institutions create incentives for different attitudes and behavior, which in turn leads to different outcomes. For instance, eternal organizations such as the World Bank, bilateral agencies, and regional developmental banks play an important role in pushing for major changes in governmental “procedures of the game” towards the rules considered acceptable for development. According to Andrews, such influence comes through external identification of what the acceptable rules are, as well as though facilitation, financing, and implementation of interventions intended to introduce such rules. In brief, these interventions and influence lead to improved social policy development in these developing societies. 

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On the other hand, the establishment of the UN has played a major role in promoting peacekeeping, influencing human and social rights issues in a positive manner as well as arms control. For instance, conflicts in Central America mad a positive progress towards peaceful settlements thanks to the interventions and active role played by the UN. Additionally, the interventions by the UN in 1990 helped in disarming the anti-government guerrillas in Central America and facilitated peacekeeping efforts of the Central American nations (Gaimusho, 2007). 

In conclusion, while some people might criticize the intervention of international organization in social policy development in developing societies.  It is evident that the intervention leads to positive outcome due to the establishment of acceptable rules, and the right institutional framework that supports social policy development. 

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