Why abortion is wrong

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Abortion has been a contentious issue across the country and globally for a long time. It divides the country between the supporters and opposers of abortion and leads them into an endless debate about which side is wrong or right. The nation was founded on Christian values, which guided the originators from the start, and thus, abortion was forbidden. However, a series of court cases challenging the prohibition led to a heightened debate about the morality and immorality of abortion. The 1973 case, Roe v. Wade, prohibited states from banning abortion before the fetus could be considered a human being. A similar ruling in 1992, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, upheld the 1973 ruling. States were prevented from interfering with the right to get an abortion before the fetus could be considered a human until the 2022 ruling, Dobbs v. Jackson, which gave states the right to determine if abortion is legal or illegal. Despite the reasons the proponents and opponents of abortion give to support their stand, the act is sociological, culturally, and ethically wrong.

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Sociologically, people have the right to life, and no person should deny this right to another individual without a justifiable reason. According to Christianity, when conception happens, life begins, and the result is a human being. Also, all people are a product of the fusion between a sperm and an ovum, and since the fetus has a soul resulting from the process, it qualifies to be a human, and its life should be legally protected (Greasley, 2017). When a mother decides to terminate the life of a fetus growing in them, they are socially wrong because society would not approve of killing other people without a solid justification. Unless abortion is performed because the mother is at risk of losing her life due to a threat posed by the pregnancy, abortion can never be right (Tadros, 2020). Society should continue being steadfast against abortion and make it inaccessible by implementing some stringent measures.

Also, parents would not be socially comfortable allowing their children to undertake an abortion if they get an unplanned pregnancy. All parents look forward to becoming grandparents when their children give birth. To prevent unplanned pregnancy, they advise their children to use contraceptives besides embracing socially acceptable behavior to prevent them from engaging in immorality. Thus, when their children become pregnant, they feel happy that they will be grandparents. They would not encourage them to get an abortion since it would not be an acceptable way of conduct in society (Marquis, 2010). Since it would be an antisocial behavior to allow abortion for children, undertaking it is wrong, and any justification apart from the medically approved one is indefensible.

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Culturally, abortion has been viewed as unacceptable and against the need for procreation. This trend is valid across the country and in other societies. People preserved life by protecting pregnant women from the environment’s physical, emotional, and psychological dangers. Terminating pregnancy was never a plan when a woman became pregnant. However, the trend changed with the advancement in society’s medical, technological, and social aspects. Some cultures acknowledged terminating pregnancy, arguing that it is a woman’s right to decide if to carry the child to full term or to end its life (Greasley, 2018). The situation created an endless debate between the supporters and opponents. Since abortion cannot be culturally acceptable across all cultures, it is culturally wrong to approve of it since it causes involving killing a fellow human and may cause complications to the women undergoing it.

Ethically, abortion is wrong because it equates to murdering a fellow human. Although a fetus is not fully developed, all human beings result from pregnancy that their mothers carried until birth. Encouraging abortion denies human beings the chance to be alive by killing them after the fusion between an ovum and a sperm (Pruss, 2011). According to Kantian philosophy, an action is moral if it can be universally tolerable (Brown, 2000). Abortion divides society by creating two divides; those supporting it and those against it, creating discord. Besides, people can never agree on abolishing or embracing abortion because they have different views. This reality shows that individuals worldwide cannot agree about abortion; thus, the country cannot achieve the Kantian universality principle (Tadros, 2020). Hence, abortion is a wrong undertaking and cannot be ethically justified unless recommended by a physician.

Abortion is a critical issue that creates a sharp divide between the supporters and the opposers. The issue has had a long history in the country until the Supreme Court outlawed Roe v. Wade in 2022 and ruled that respective states can determine if abortion should be legal within their boundaries. However, the ruling did not categorize it as either wrong or right action for a woman to undertake. It is only uniformly acceptable if it is a recommendation by the physician when a woman’s life is under threat during pregnancy. Socially, it cannot be upheld as acceptable based on unjustifiable grounds, such as respecting a woman’s right to choose whether to carry the pregnancy. Culturally, all cultures of the world cannot agree to accept abortion as a justifiable action. Ethically, there is no justifiable ground for abortion other than when a physician recommends it. Hence, abortion is a wrong undertaking and should never be tolerated in the country and globally.

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