Why people still go to the movies

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From the onset of this research, there will be several factors that can anticipated that causes people to go to the movie theatre prior undertaking the research, the following hypothesis can be stipulated and can be approved or disapproved after the research has been done and analyzed.

  1. People go to the movies because of the wide screens at the movie theatre displays. Most moviegoers visit the movie theatres because of the large screen that the movie theatres have. Unlike at home where one does not enjoy the luxury of space, the choice of television set size is determined, whereas in a movie theatre one can find big screens the size of a huge billboard and coupled with the three-dimension effect.
  2. The presence of company. Unlike in the convenes of a home, where one can watch a movie alone or in a company of view friends, a movie theatre attracts so many people and when one is in a big company, the act of watching a movie itself becomes so interesting.
  3. Enhancing concentration. When one watches a movie at home, he or she might face a lot of distractions within the house that causes one to lose concentration of a movie, but while at the movie theatre one focuses concentration only to the movie and cannot be distracted by anything else.
  4. A way of having fun and being out of the house. Most people go for movies because they h]just want to break the monotony of being always at the house or when not in the house they are working, going out for movies is an enthusiastic way of breaking the boredom of the routine activities. Movies also provide a good way of taking loved ones out during evenings (Krosnick, 2018).
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Implications of the hypothesis

The hypothesis are only what can be anticipated before conducting the research and will largely play a part in designing the questionnaire for the study. Therefore, the serious implications that can arise will mostly do with how to balance the questionnaire. This is because, when having a glimpse or idea of how the outcome might look like, the chances of biases in designing the outcome and finally cooking the results will be high(Drost, 2011).

Methods of determining reliability and validity of data collection methods

In research, reliability of data refers to the extent to which the data collected can be depended to justify the outcome of the research whereas validity refers to the extent to which the data collection method represents a true figure of the exact event under study.

In order to determine the reliability of the data collection method, the research will subject the data collection method to an internal consistency reliability. This is one of the common ways in research for determining reliability of data collection method. The method is incorporated in a computer software and it works by measuring the likelihood or consistency in which respondents in the study respond to a given similar set of questions. Internal consistency reliability method works in calibration of 0.0 to 1.0, with a result of 0.70 being the most reliable outcome. Anything below 0.0 or above 1.0 suggests that the data collection method is not reliable.

On the other hand, to determine validity of the data, the researcher subjects the data collected to a series of correlation coefficient, and any disparity that can arise between the information will render the method unreliable and ultimately the research will not be useful in finding out the phenomena under study (Drost, 2011).

How the research can apply to my previous or current work experience

Conducting a study into a particular area of interest does not only help one to gain insight into that matter alone instead it shapes one’s mind to understand the varying nature of events that surrounds. This research mostly deals with human behavior, how people behave in certain ways and how people have different taste and preferences. In my career as human resource specialist and working with airlines, I face a lot of challenges on every typical day, the challenges emanate due on how to deal with people with varying nature who wants to use the service of the airlines. The outcome of this research therefore will provide an opening eye on how people think and relate to matters that are at their disposal. It also helps me not to assume or take things just the way they are until an insight analysis of the matter is done (Klassen et al. 2012).

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