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The Message of the Advertisement

The advertisement shows a product known as the Kericho Gold Health and Wellness Slimatee that is intended for losing weight. Considering the picture, one can see that it is trying to attract customers to buy the item and use it to lose weight. Furthermore, their focal point is convincing clients to use slim tea to lose weight as it is considered as the easiest and most natural way to achieve the desired results. Although the product has been categorized under health and wellness, it might appear to be aimed at all individuals, but the image used does not justify its message.

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Examples Used to Convey the Message

Considering the image used, one can see that a woman was utilized as a graphical representation of the item. For instance, the picture shows enlarged hips and a thin waist that depicts the characteristics of a female. Moreover, the aspect of textual graphics looks feminine thereby making it appear in the graphical representation of a woman. Although the image is presented in a two-dimensional advert, one can see that it has hampered on the methods that can be utilized to convey the message. The white and pink colors are the most influential in the advertisement. At the same time, a touch of gold has been used to enhance the color as well as representing the name of the company.

The Fitness of the Message in a Gender-Role Stereotype

Considering the message depicted in the advertisement, it is apparent that it fits a gender role stereotype because it concentrates on females showing the way they can acquire a desirable weight and shape by using the product. According to Eccles, Jacobs, and Harold, (1990), gender segregation exists in many activities and occupational areas. However, although such a product ought to encompass the idea that anyone can utilize it, the graphical representation shows that women are the targeted customers.

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Furthermore, the color used in the texture looks feminine thereby making it certain that the product is not fit for men. Moreover, the slight string measuring up the waist of the woman seems not to be attractive to an obese young man. Aside from that, various studies show that gender difference in advertising is something that has existed for an extended period (Wolin, 2003). Under such circumstances, one can see that the product does not work for both genders and is highly gender biased in its advertisement creating the notion that only women need to shed some weight.

Consistent With the Gender Message With my Beliefs About Gender

The message portrayed in the picture is not consistent with my beliefs concerning sexuality and weight. However, this assumption is evident in the fact that everyone wants to lose weight and the advert does not present all genders. Furthermore, sex differences cannot exist when it comes to weight loss since anyone can become obese. As such, the advert is stereotypical in all forms as it demonstrates women worry more about their shape and weight than men do. Owing to this reason, many companies seem to be producing such products with the aim of targeting women rather than both genders.

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