Frankenstein: creator and creation

Frankenstein - explore the relationship between creator and creation (Victor & monster, God and Adam). What are the responsibilities of each? How are they fulfilled?

With the birth of a monster reflecting a huge human form, Victor Frankenstein could perhaps call himself the ‘God’ for a new species! The monster in Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’ is a scientific creation and a brainchild of Victor Frankenstein, a student of chemistry and alchemy. After being created the monster roams about, lost and disarrayed in his objectives and searches for a partner. The monster frightens Victor. The appearance of the monster is described as a creature of eight feet height and a translucent yellowish skin which somehow fails to hide the vessels and muscles underneath. He has glowing eyes, dark hair and lips with white teeth. The monster is in need of a mate which Victor is not ready to create. However, as one reads through the novel, the human characteristics of the monster become so prominent that one might think that he really deserved a female companion to love and share his life with. Despite being a creator, Victor Frankenstein falls far short of God’s approach towards His creation (Adams) as he fails to see the humane aspect of his creation.
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