Reflecting on Democracy

This is perhaps the most famous all-encompassing definition of democracy.  It depicts that central to the concept of democratic government are the people.  Tracing the etymology of the word, democracy originates form the Greek word demokratia, the components of which are demos, the people, and kratia, to rule (“Wikipedia).  Given this, our forefather Abraham Lincoln has truly captured the very essence of democracy where people are placed at the core of any statutory activity. This paper discusses democracy based on personal views and experiences.  It analyzes the existence of democracy in various nations and how this valuable concept is portrayed in the United States.

Basic Characteristics of Democracy

For democracy to exist, political scientists deem the presence of the demos or the people undertaking political decisions through a collective procedure, such as a referendum or other forms of assembly, to be essential.  These people should occupy a specific territory or nation-state where the said decisions are applied and considered legitimate such that the population accept and abide by the decisions made.  Moreover, the nation-state must be sovereign, i.e. there is no outside authority that can overrule the result of the procedures undertaken.  (“Wikipedia”)
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