John Broomfield Reflection Paper ( this is a religion class)

Other Ways of Knowing

In “Other Ways of Knowing” John Broomfield describes in depth the extensive impact of modern or Western ways on life today and on non-Westerners. Bloomfield notes that the western world has long ignored diverse world views much to the detriment of life on earth. Some notable effects of the almost universal adoption of western ways include overpopulation and resultant over-consumption that have endangered our survival in the world. Further, technological developments which appear to be quite promising have continuously led to one environmental disaster after another. These and other grievous situations experienced today are clearly a result of the western world equating a single way of knowing with all the rest (several other ways of knowing) in Bloomfield’s  (1) view.


Today, hospitals have become people’s focal point when it comes to health. It is noted that biomedicine has significantly helped in the delay of death, and the prevention and fight against diseases (Bloomfield, 129). Bloomfield notes that there was a decline in death cases in the early 1900s, not merely as a result of developments in germ theory but more as a result of improved environmental sanitation, public health education, personal hygiene, and postnatal and prenatal care among other things.
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