American government’s ignorance to the Native American’s life and land

Since Christopher Columbus has discovered the American lands in the fifteenth century, the relationship between the new comers and the Indian native settlers has been always described as a form of exploitation and colonization. The ill-treatment of the Native Americans by the European explorers is always cited as an evidence of the American colonization of these lands. One of the remaining signs of exploitation and ill-treatment of the Indian Americans can be seen in the spread of Indian American mascots among sports teams, athletics, schools, and universities. Many sports teams prefer to use Indian names, with which to be popular among their fans. The supporters of those Indian American mascots argue that these names stand as positive memorization of the Native Americans, and so, such names should not be banned. However, the opponents of Native Americans mascots argue for the elimination of these names, as many Indian Americans don't like their names to be used as mascots for sports teams. Actually, Indian American mascots should be eliminated since the association of Indian American names with mascots are inherently humiliating, Indian American themselves reject the use of these mascots, and the sports teams which use these mascots look at Indian Americans as stereotypes.
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