Elon Musk Social Media Influence

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The technology used to convey crucial information has been an integral part of society since the dawn of the human race. Our ancestors could communicate with one another and create a tradition that distinguished individuals from various kinds, thanks to language development. Levinson (2022) illustrates that writing discoveries sped humanity’s growth by enabling creative methods of arranging sizable human populations. According to Levinson (2022), the smooth operations of contemporary civilization depend on effective information gathering, storing, analyzing, and transmission. As a result, the present society can stay connected, overcome novel obstacles, acquire knowledge, and work more effectively when information is well controlled.

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The Importance of Curing Information on Social Media

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter provides a cause for optimism and worry regarding this vintage point. Elon recognizes social platforms’ crucial function in disseminating information within societies. Recently while purchasing Twitter for billions of dollars, he was categorical that buying Twitter is not a guarantee of acquiring many funds even though his close allies like investors and accountants will anticipate a profit. However, more important is whether Elon Musk is prepared to consider and digest the significant consequences that Twitter as a social platform will impact society.

Ellon has highlighted his commitment to free expression on numerous occasions. He argues that none could contest the importance of free expression. He further states that the importance of a civilization where communication is unrestricted and unfettered by the state and institutions cannot be overstated. Additionally, the shared desire for liberty to think as individuals within a particular society is strongly tied to freedom of expression. In other words, having the option to share anything on social networking sites is considered freedom of speech, according to Elon Musk. As a result, people typically back anyone who displays anything on Twitter despite a few reasonably specific risks.

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According to Apa and Pollicino (2020), the ignorant and risky approach to interpreting freedom of expression has been permitting anyone to publish any content and then providing an opportunity to automate proposed methods to share information without considering the social duty of social media. It is unclear whether Musk understands the distinctions between speech freedom and the goals social platform corporations incorporate within their recommended channels of conveying information. For instance, one of the primary duties of Twitter should be to advance relaying of knowledge and strengthen society instead of furthering divisions among individuals.

The Case of Ukraine and Russian War

Ellon musk’s tweet on the Russia-Ukraine war has stirred mixed reactions in social media since his last comments. There seems to be a division among the Billionaire’s followers on Twitter, as some of them prefer Elon musk, which supports Ukraine. In contrast, another percentage prefers Elon Musk, who endorses Russia. In his comments, Elon seems to give much credit to the Russians by commenting that Ukraine’s win over Russia is uncertain. He supports that Crimea, a battle point, was formally owned by Russia before the mistake of Khrushchev.

The truth is that most Ukrainians have not embraced the reaction by Musk on the Twitter platform. For instance, the German ambassador to Ukraine replied that no Ukrainian would ever transact with Musk’s commodities because of his negative comment to Ukraine. According to Greene (2022), by shifting your viewpoint since you accepted additional knowledge, you are victimized by false news. Twitter and other online sites have been a platform for flagrant abuse of expressions. According to Common (2019), several victims cannot verify the accuracy of online materials they interact with and might trust. For instance, several reactions to Musk’s comment about Ukraine have turned hostile and disadvantaged him. For instance, many advised him to be silent and never pretend to comment on issues beyond his knowledge.

As critics continue to shower Elon Musk over his comments on Twitter, he clearly denies that he spoke to the Russian president over Ukraine. However, his claims have been partly accepted though with few individuals. Twitter and other social media sites can be platforms for tainting reputation if one is never careful. Elon Musk’s slight reaction has lost the respect of his followers due to his recent comments, and it will take years for some of his followers, especially in the affected countries, to forget.

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A healthy media environment that efficiently spreads information is a crucial public asset with a substantial outcome for societies. In light of available consequences, several civilizations support media companies with public funding to carry out the media’s primary duty of informing the general population. However, there is a chance that authorities will use media control to their advantage. For example, Elon Musk’s social media influence, especially on Twitter, is overwhelming. However, his recent reactions and criticism towards his response on social media is a lesson to learn from that though individuals may have freedom of expression on social platforms, the type of information conveyed is crucial. It must maintain the morals and values of society instead of creating divisions.

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