Compare two or three films that center on the theme of come-of-age in the context of urban/rural divide

Comparison of two films that centre on the theme of come-of-age

Irrespective of whether one comes from a peasant family or a rich background, the theme of come of age is indiscriminate. In fact, it cuts in all walks of life in the context of rural urban lifestyles. There is no doubt that all cultures in the world have experienced the wave of modernization, which has had a tremendous impact on the way of life especially among the youth. People take pride in the way they are brought in regards to education, social setting as well as the skills they acquire. People have a pride in living the modern way, which seems to be universally accepted since it offers new light as well as exposure to different cultures and ways of doing things. China and Taiwan have been no exception hence urbanization is evident in these countries. The past few decades have seen both China and Taiwan experience substantial urbanization whose influence has been mainly the western culture. The social changes are more noticeable to the older generations who are the custodians of the traditional customs and practices which they claim to have been overlooked. This claim by the older generations may be stands ground since they have a valid complaint given that formal education has absolutely replaced informal education.
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