Consistency between the Film and the Course Material. “The Boys of St. Vincent”

Consistency between the Film and the Course Material

The film entitled “The Boys of St. Vincent” is consistent with the course material in so many ways. For instance, it was also mentioned that isolated children are more prone to becoming sexually abused (78). In the film, Kevin Reevey was often times isolated from most of the children in the orphanage. For instance, inside the basement, Kevin was hiding on the dark watching the janitor fix a leaking pipe (You Tube 5:55). When asked by the janitor what Kevin was doing inside the dark basement on his own, Kevin said that he is not afraid of the dark and he likes to be inside the basement on his own (6:58). This is a clear indication that Kevin is often isolated from the crowd. In another occasion, prior to bedtime, Kevin was alone reading a book instead of playing with other boys (9:10). It was also mentioned in the course material that the typical features of child sexual abuse include: young boys and girls between the age of 4 to 9 years old (78). In this film, Kevin who is a boy was in his puberty stage.
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