HDR Photography for Landscaping

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High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) allows one to take various exposures of a single scene and combine the range of tones that one gets from these exposures into a single image (Mertens et al. 2009). Landscape photography is challenged by the different tones in real life in comparison to what can be captured using a camera. However, one is not limited by technology and can capture an object in a close manner to how it looks in reality (Magerkurth et al. 2005). It is known to work well with landscape because there are no moving objects within these landscapes. Given that the movement may create a problem on multiple exposures.

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Findings of the research

In HDR photography for landscaping one can use Auto-bracketing where one sets up the camera for a series of exposures at a range of differences (Fairchild, 2007). One meters the various tonalities within a single scene and sets the camera to capture different brightness levels by these tonalities. This kind of photography allows one to capture scenes during times of the day that were impossible with color photography. HDR software’s such as Photoshop can process HDR image. For one to create an HDR image, there is need to capture a series of pictures of the same scene at various exposures.

Is the topic relevant?

The topic is relevant because it helps you get the skills needed in taking HDR photographs for landscapes because the HDR images seen in the past are a little bit disappointing. Therefore, learn to take beautiful HDR images that capture the beauty of a landscape in a realistic way you need to be conversant with this topic. Having an understanding of taking HDR photos and merging the using software will bring about the best view of a particular scene. The knowledge that one can shoot several view images and combine using Photoshop enables to present something that is breathtaking( Sen et.al 2012).

Why the interest

I always wanted to learn about HDR photography and how to accurately capture scenes that are breathtaking. I am passionate about photography and love seeing different pictures of the same object with different lighting. Given that one image appears as how the camera has metered it, another image is because it is underexposed and the last image is overexposed. It becomes more interesting because the picture that is underexposed captures the details around the bright areas of the object, the image that is overexposed shows detailed information in the dark areas (Carr & Correl, 2011). It, therefore, enables one to see three exposures that can be merged using the HDR software.


I will come up with either a portfolio book or power point presentation showing the steps on taking an HDR photo.  The first step is to set the camera on a tripod so as to get all exposures in line for the scene. Ensure the camera has a midrange exposure that is optimum because of the wide range of tonalities this can be done by checking the histogram. Capture a series of exposure by setting the camera for auto bracketing and auto exposure, you then ensure the shooting speed is continuous. After downloading the pictures, one can combine them to form an HDR image (Kao, 2008).

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