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Best Online Proofreader? We’ve Just Got the Right Specialist for You

Literacy has always been and will be an advantage in oral communication and expressing opinions on paper. The properly worded text that has simple proof read, gives the reader the confidence that an educated person can read and trust it. Then the meaning and the idea laid down in it acquire extraordinary power.

The impression from a text that is full of elementary errors, incorrect endings, and the absence of punctuation marks are worsening. Especially when the author represents supposedly a finished product. But even literally, the text can be easily perceived through incorrect logic, complex structure, and inconsistency of sentences. That’s why even a competent author needs proof reading.

Of course, not everyone owns the so-called innate literacy. In this case, a specialist, a literary editor, and proofreader of texts comes to the aid.

Often the author cannot put himself in the place of the reader, to take into account the features of perception. The literary editor and proofreader in our company see the text not only through the eyes of the author but also the reader at the same time. They are specialists who are able to understand what the author wants to say to the audience and become their associates. Then, if you ask “proofread my paper,” a big number of experienced proofreaders will be happy to help you.

Professional proofreading services from global academic leaders

Methods for automatic mistakes fixing today are auxiliary and cannot completely replace a specialist. That is why our proofreading service comments on probable mistakes, suggesting where a spelling, grammatical or stylistic error might occur. However, the final decision on the fix must be taken by the user himself, based on his knowledge of language and understanding of the text.

We employ only professional editors with many years of experience. Therefore, you can be sure of their professionalism. All work is done by correctors in a timely and qualitative way (because this is the main prerequisite in our company). Leave your orders and get the result faster than you expected.

Our team offers professional proofreading online which covers:

  • Correction of typos errors.
  • Verification of compliance with the standards of sonority.
  • Spell check: correct word marking, spelling, etc.
  • Error correction;
  • Syntax checking: the right alignment, control, and adherence of words, the combination of numerals, in other words, the structure of the phrase and sentence, the use of reversals, referrals, inserts, etc.
  • Correction of lexical errors and mistakes of translation: correct use of the word in the context, etc.
  • Punctuation check: correct use of punctuation marks.

Our team has a very large number of professionals who write texts. But the editing of the text in accordance with all the requirements and the current standards is already included in their direct obligations. Our academic leaders will proofread online the text in accordance with its purpose: an author’s manuscript for transmission to the publishing house, an article for publication in the media, company information for placing on the site, scientific work for demonstration to the head and much more.

Who can be interested in our services?

  • Copywriters and content studios that create content for sites or promotional materials.
  • Specialists who prepare visual and textual materials for the media.
  • Designers and advertising agencies which are faced with the task of creating flawless text.
  • Authors who write artistic works in different genres of prose.
  • Journalists, publishers, and bloggers.
  • All who are interested in the correct presentation of the text and grammar proofreading.

Who is my essay proofreader? – 10 key characteristics

When do you need our help? Illiterate texts written with spelling and grammatical mistakes do not promote either good readings by their readers or the image of the company or organization itself.

Will you trust a university that describes its “cool” program with a mass of typical errors? Do you believe in an advertisement in which half of the words are written in LARGE letters, with three, five, and preferably just ten exclamation points at the end of each sentence!!!!! Is it unlikely that you will enjoy reading stylistically heavy text with a multitude of complicated parts of the sentence… Therefore, the answer to such a question, “When do I need proofread my essay?” is: “We can do this right now!”

If you doubt the experience and quality of the work of our proofreader, check out these 10 key characteristics our experts can boast:

  • Analysis of the source text.
  • Logics edit.
  • Lexical check.
  • Stylistic edit.
  • Spelling correction.
  • Objective evaluation of the text.
  • Elimination of “milk-and-water.”
  • Fulfilling of the order on time.
  • Convenient structuring of the text.
  • Great experience and impeccable reputation.

Our proofreader online accepts orders of any amount and complexity, following the specified terms and fulfilling all obligations. You will also see how we removed and polished all “verbal husk” and made the text clear, logical and literate. We are trying to establish close interaction with each customer in order to accurately identify the tasks in the course of the dialogue and bring them to a logical conclusion.

Each of our employees works conscientiously and tries to make your work worthwhile. On the site, you can leave your order in different document formats. Our services apply to texts of any kind, various branches of science. We will select a proofreader and editor for anyone. You can contact our company at any time of the day and we will always be glad to help you.

Free online proofreading for better grades

Working for many years we always hear one question – how much will it cost to proofread the text? It is impossible to reply immediately since several factors will affect the final value. The most important is the complexity of work, volume, urgency, and requirements. However, you have the opportunity to check out the text for free. For this, we have the best proofreading software. However, you always get high-quality and corrected text.

Benefits that most of our customers value:

  • Confidentiality

You should not worry about forwarding your texts to third parties. We adhere to unconditional confidentiality and copyright. No third party knows about the content of your text and the number of edits that it has experienced.

  • The quality of work

Our proofreading website has formed the optimal process of working with multiple readings, quality control and compliance with language rules. All corrections that are made to the text, the author will see through the mode of displaying edits in a text editor.

  • Observance of terms

The timing of your order will depend on the total volume of the text, the type of processing (editing, proofreading, translation), as well as from our loading at the time of the request. In any case, you always get a good result.

  • Trial opportunity

Before beginning cooperation, you have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of services and order trial editing/proofreading of the fragment of text that needs to be checked and corrected to see the number of edits or proofreading of the fragment of the text.

Order professional editing & proofreading now

If you still have doubts that our service is worth your order, then we will give some more affirming features and proofreading tools.

  • We will process your paper in such a way that both literary and technical texts are understood by every reader.
  • Your articles will be clear to both narrow specialists and a wide audience. We adhere to the perfect literacy.
  • The work will be clearly structured in paragraphs, headings, convenient for perception and retention.
  • We have a great desire and professionals with experience to help the author better solve the tasks set before the work, to make perfect content and form of the work before it reaches the reader.
  • We are able to provide an unmistakable reading of the author’s thoughts to any competent person.
  • We will detect any errors and correct them in the text of any specialization and complexity.

We offer you a wide range of services so that you have good feedback from your teachers or clients. Send us a text file that needs proofreading. We will do our best to blue-pencil your submitted file as soon as possible. Write to us if you know exactly the desired deadline for order fulfillment. We guarantee that the content of the files sent to processing is kept to the fullest confidentiality.

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