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Referencing Style Offered by the American Chemical Society: Where to Get Help with It

As a college student, most probably you realize the significance of the proper formatting. A college paper is much more complex than simply writing. Except for the fact the topic has to be fully covered, and every argument has to be supported by the credible evidence, it is important to remember the role of formatting.

The grading rubric for a typical English Composition or Literature essay looks this way:

  • Ideas
  • Development
  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Formatting
  • Style & Mechanics

It does not necessarily always look this way: a lot depends on the instructor. Moreover, the way you prepare your paper depends on the studied subject. While English Composition class is more acquainted with MLA, APA, or Chicago, students who study Chemistry or Physics in-depth might already know what ACS stands for.

Hey, wait a minute? Who cares about the other authors? Who cares if you use your own words or grab some ideas from other people? The answer is obvious: your reader. It does not matter whether you get ready with the academic research paper to impress your teacher or an inspiring speech to influence your classmates – every type of target audience wants to receive a unique, properly credited content. Most probably, you won’t get extra credits for citing open sources like Wikipedia as everyone can edit it. However, if you decide to cite and reference up-to-date scholar articles or academic journals written by the field experts, you will have your extra credits only in case the work is entirely cited.

For those students who have never heard of ACS, we should define and explain this abbreviation. It refers to the American Chemical Society. The organization is responsible for investigating various branches of chemistry and some other related subjects. The American Chemical Society has offered ACS as one more citation style to apply to the research papers. Such colleges as Williams College use the style actively as they study Chemistry and some other precise sciences in-depth.

The students should pay attention to every smallest detail such as the number of authors who took part in the creation of the specific sources. For instance, the absence of author requires starting the source with the title. In case you have more than a single writer, cite the names in the order offered by the scholar article or research paper as they usually mention the people according to their impact on the work and overall contribution. The publication year is always in boldface type, which is quite unusual for the academic writing style. As for the web resources, make sure to add URL and the access date (full date).

See Our Citation Generator Developing ACS Title Page for You

No matter which writing style you should apply, it always takes time to go through the corresponding guide and memorize the basics. The basic principles of each referencing style are different, so it makes the situation only more difficult. Besides, formatting and some other critical essay writing elements distract people from the main purpose: content. Ae you the one who gets stuck in the middle of the work without understanding how to format the paper properly?

We are here to offer free references and in-text citations. To be more specific, we are the professional online writing team that has invented one more excellent academic solution to serve the students of high schools, colleges, and universities. Our team has developed the series of online tools to facilitate the development of Bibliographies. Some people also call them References Pages or Works Cited pages. Students and young authors may use online forms to grab bibliographic data obtained from the information supporting the academic research and output the information concerning the published guidelines and standards, approved by the authoritative scientific and educational organizations.

As you may know, every citation has two parts: the direct/indirect in-text citations used to share a short identifying data within the text, and the Bibliography (a.k.a. reference list). A page with references is a list of primary and secondary sources that reflect a complete bibliographic information. In-text citations and references are interconnected, meaning they cannot exist without each other.

While many writers have heard of such formats as the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), Havard, The American Psychological Association (ASA), The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), and many other, ACS may appear as something new. You will barely meet this writing style unless you study precise sciences, especially Chemistry. ACS title page, as well as some other elements, are different from the rest of the citation formats. That is why you might need a professional help offered by our team to cope with the Chemistry research paper, term paper, or even dissertation.

The best news is that our product is free of charge. Unlike the paid essay writing service, every user can afford to apply this solution. The Citation Generator offered by the team of professional academic writers and editors is a free website that automatically creates ACS citations and references for a variety of sources:

  • Textbooks
  • Print books
  • Digital books
  • Separate book chapters
  • Scholar articles
  • Academic journals
  • Scientific magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Documentaries
  • Videos

First of all, decide which type of source you wish to cite and pick the corresponding format form the list of options.

The Benefits of Using No. 1 ACS Title Generating Machine

The students and young writers who decide to use our software can copy and paste the generated citations into Microsoft Word or another preferred application for writing and keeping documents. The tool was developed by several talented educators supported by the team of experienced academic writers. These people possess a combined experience of more than 50 years in various educational fields so that you may count on them!

We can add that our service is a free, open-source. Any browser, from Chrome to FireFox and Safari, can launch the tool without any obstacles. The program is very simple to learn. Our web and app developers did their best to make it understandable for everyone. No advanced IT knowledge is required.

The users can easily store both Docs and PDFs depending on the type of files they feel more comfortable with, or they can have both. It is possible to highlight the specific text and take notes. Also, the students may tag records. Finally, we included MS Word plug-in to make the procedure even more convenient.

Our software can be used anywhere via the web. We are thinking about introducing a mobile application to make the life of each student even more comfortable. You can use the tool remotely, and it makes it way cooler than print manual or guidelines. This citation generator is excellent for managing records for articles and books. The users can save their citations and bibliographies to use them later. It is especially convenient when the essay is too long, and there is no way to write all of its parts at once.

While working on a big project, do not forget to save your bibliographies within our service. You may share the ready citations with other users or some data storage services. You can save one page as an ACS title, and store the rest of the essay’s element elsewhere.

It may seem unbelievable that we do not charge money for such comfortable services. Well, if you are ready to invest some finances in the A+ paper, use our custom essay writing services. We just hope that our academic services for students and young writers will significantly improve your performance, skills, and knowledge!