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Blue Pages Bluebook Generator to Speed up Your Writing Process

It seems like every academic field has its personal writing style except for the Law. You are wrong. Students who are involved in the field of law or business law have to study a format called Bluebook. It is a bit more challenging format than those you used to know before: MLA or APA. In college, there will be no more Modern Language Association anyway, so you should adapt to other writing formats.

Before we explain why our tool is useful and popular among the students who study legal subjects, we would like to dig a bit deeper. Bluebook is a uniform system of citation. It was proposed to arrange papers written on legal subjects in a logical or chronological order. Not only students apply this format to their college/university essays and research papers; law professionals in the United States prefer this writing style as well. Thus, they might need effective online help in the shape of our free generator too.

Concerning its origins, Bluebook format was first established by the Harvard University. To specify, it was the Harvard Law Review Association that came up with the given format. Other two organizations who took part in designing and developing Bluebook writing style were the University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal.

Among all users of this online citing machine, students, scholars, professors, judges, attorneys, and other legal specialists are the most active ones. 99% of them stay satisfied with its work and usability. Our interface is rather simple and user-friendly, but we should discuss several more things before describing the benefits of our solution.

Bluebook Title Page and in-Text Citation Examples

You may wonder when Bluebook in-text citation or reference may be required. Perhaps, you are the one trying to understand the way Bluebook title page looks. Yes, formats like Bluebook, Turabian, and Harvard require these elements of essay writing. It looks like the easiest part, but the title page is the face of your work, so do not ignore its importance.

Anyway, first, have a look at the example of in-text citation. If you deal with the legal case citation (filed but not decided), this is the way it will show up in your text:

Marshall v. Neck, 463 S.W.2d 602 (Tenn. 2015).

It is just an example, so it is not a real case. Did you notice it says 2015? Right, college and university professors are looking for the most recent sources in your papers, so do not disappoint them by choosing the old sources dated back 10 or even more years ago. Most probably, they contain irrelevant, outdated information, which has nothing to do in terms of modern legal world.

Now, how should a cover page look like to attract the attention of your reader? Your professor wants to see it this way:

  1. Header
  2. Title of Work (all capitalized: main heading and subheading below it)
  3. Editor’s info (first name and last name)
  4. Title of publishing company
  5. Place of publication

In some cases, the student will also have to add a year of publication, but usually, it is not required.

Most Reliable Way to Have Blue Pages Bluebook Properly Formatted

We believe that the simplest option would be to go online, find our quick citation generator, enter the necessary data (everything you know about the source), and get a properly cited quote/full reference entry in a few seconds. It takes you to do just a couple of clicks.

If you believe you won’t be able to master this specific writing style, it is better to apply some online tools. A decade ago, people could only order custom essays online. However, those guys who established professional writing services then are eager to share some of their knowledge and skills for free nowadays.

We are one of the leading academic writing websites, specialized in many academic and business fields. The goal of this online citation generator is to provide every college and university student with a FREE opportunity to cite the sources of other people in any format, including blue pages Bluebook. We have developed several tools to help students around the world succeed with their studies, but this one is really special taking into account how many students find it difficult to cite various sources.

Here is how to use powerful citation machine. Pick the content of your interest, right-click it, copy with Reference. The formats you may choose from include:

  • Bluebook-Brief
  • Bluebook-Law Review
  • ALWD (Association of Legal Writing Directors)
  • Standard (Bluebook) [Default]
  • Westlaw
  • Various State Jurisdictions (including Washington State)
  • Bluebook (notes & bibliography)
  • Bluebook (notes only)
  • Bluebook Inline

The best thing is that our website is well-optimized, so you can view the page the way it appears on any PC browser and mobile device. Once you sign in for free, you will be able to take the best of our tool and save the results to your personal account. It is a great option as you can use any sources related to law at any time of your life. Say, you will become a famous law journalist or researcher, who will need to cite the sources in Bluebook. Just come back to this website and input your previously applied citations and references. You may use what you generate once in all your future works. That is what makes this citation machine stand out from the rest of the similar offers.

Bluebook Page Numbers and Other Features of Our Top Citation Tool

Change the style whenever you want and Update the citations. It is possible to select one of the existing formats: from MLA to Chicago or Harvard. Therefore, Bluebook is not the only option so far.

We should say that the solution is almost perfect. You can generate any amount of citations and references you want and then save your Bibliography to use it another time. To do so, it is important to create a free account in just a few clicks. Store your information and share your reference lists with other students!

We have mentioned that the tool is almost perfect. Well, when saying “almost,” we mean there is still something a user should do on his own after retrieving the necessary references from our citation generator. After inserting in-text citations and list of references, please do not mind to format the Bluebook page numbers, headings, margins, fonts, and other elements found in Word. It is necessary to obtain a full credit.

What we recommend is developing references with the help of our online tool and formatting the general layout with the help of any free template discovered online. So, spend a couple of minutes searching for the free essay template offered in Bluebook format, and generate the citations with the help of our website meanwhile. It is the best and the simplest solution ever!

As far as the organizations that establish various formats change their rules every year or two, it is important to keep up with their updates. The teachers expect their students to use the latest guidelines. Do not worry if you are using this citation generating software – our team takes care of the updates regularly. The developers catch up with the latest changes to the existing manual and implement them rather quickly. However, every user will still have to double-check the citations and references to make sure they are correct despite most of our clients share our citing tool is 100% accurate.