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Chicago Style Title Page: The Essential of Formatting

What makes Chicago style format title page different from other writing styles such as APA, Harvard, or ASA? The same things that make this particular writing style stand out from the mentioned formats in general. In fact, every academic formatting genre has its own rules for two basic elements:

  1. Direct & indirect in-text citations
  2. Reference list (a.k.a. Bibliography or Works Cited)

If you involve at least a single quotation, be aware that you will have to develop a separate page with references. Do not include it just after the conclusion – Bibliography always deserves a separate page. There, a writer must acknowledge the distinguished authors from different parts of the world who contributed a great share to studying the specific field of study.

Before moving to the advantages of our online citation generating service, it is necessary to say a few words about Chicago format and its origins. Our experts share that it was formed in 1891 with the launch of the University of Chicago. By that time, the local typesetters and compositors were using far more complicated formats such as Hebrew and Ethiopic. A simpler method was offered to maintain consistency through the typesetting procedure: from the typesetter to the compositor, to the proofreader.

As the time passed by, the ‘University Press stylebook and style sheet’ evolved into a manual applied by the whole college community. As far as we have a couple of professors from the University of Chicago on board, we keep the pamphlet upgraded. To be more specific, the professors keep our brilliant web and app developers informed about any changes to the existing writing standards. Then, our developers immediately add the recommended changes to the system. That is why the students who choose our service do not risk falling face down in the dirt by using the older version of the proposed writing style.

Creating Chicago Title Page: Wise Solution to Have It Done

Forget about a 200-page book in 1906: Manual of Style: Being a compilation of the typographical rules in force at the University of Chicago Press, to which are appended specimens of type in use and other bizarre guides and manuals. Forget about sleepless nights spent in front of the Chicago style guides. We have a better option for you! In fact, we even have a couple of options, but ordering a custom essay will cost you a bit of money. In case formatting is the only thing you need to troubleshoot to improve your grades, you are at the right time and in the right place!

So, is there a way to avoid formatting in academic writing? We mean, avoid formatting, not writing the whole paper. Frankly speaking, no. Why? Well, in-text citations and reference list are not the only formatting elements. The page should have its margins, the text should have a proper font and size, etc. However, in-text citations and corresponding references remain the most difficult and time-consuming part of the formatting section. Without it, it is hard to imagine an A+ academic assignment.

One way is to hire experienced academic writers to complete both your research and the assignment itself. Such gurus have enough expertise and knowledge to compose a paper on any topic in the world. However, if you don’t wish to spend a cent, you may like our innovative solution. Before using a free online referencing machine, mind several pre-stages.

Collecting the sources and choosing the most relevant ones is half the battle. The greatest share of this process is citing the selected quotations properly as well as referencing each resource. The problem is every type of source has to be cited and referenced in its unique way.

Chicago Manual of Style Title Page: Sources to Consider

Chicago formatting has different approaches to quoting each of these most common sources:

  • Book/Textbook. A written work or composition discovered in print, or digitally in the shape of an e-Book. Can be both non-fiction and fiction.
  • Newspaper. A periodic publication with the current events, news, and interviews, and ideas of the authors. It contains different personal opinion articles.
  • Magazine. A popular, wide-spread content published periodically, but with a lower frequency as compared to the newspaper. It can be released weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Magazines focus on a specific interest/hobby, topic, or subject.
  • Website. A gathering of internet pages that reveals information about a particular topic.
  • Journal. A scholarly project published periodically just like newspaper or magazine, but it always includes a highly specified, professional research. Is usually released by a scientific organization or higher educational institution.
  • Film. A motion picture or movie, which can be a fiction, non-fiction, documentary, or video shared on the social networks.

Using the thoughts and suggestions shared by other authors without providing a due credit is considered plagiarism, and it is worse than breaking the law in the world of academic writing. It’s the same as stealing candy from a baby or taking away another personal thing from anyone. Due to the fact every academic essay or research paper must be composed from scratch, it is important to avoid the copy-pasted material. The students are allowed to leave the quotation the way it appears, but that is where our citation generator steps in. Our premium-quality Chicago style title page generator allows having your paper written from scratch by offering the ready referencing solutions. Once you are done with inserting the in-text citations, make sure your essay is still at least 95% original (this requirement depends on the educational institution, so check this point with your instructor).

How to Use 100% Accurate Chicago Format Title Page Generator

Because the formatting section weighs a plenty of scores, the academic market participants decided to create a convenient online instrument for solving the issues with formatting. Our resource can at least ease the part with inserting in-text citations and preparing corresponding references for the Bibliography list. The tool you can find on this website can cope with any academic format. In addition to this Chicago generator, we offer MLA, APA, Turabian (almost the same as Chicago), Harvard, Vancouver, Oxford, ASA, ACS, and IEEE.

As far as the first one is still more complicated and tricky than the rest of the formats, you would probably want to let our online helper make a Chicago style title page for you. We don’t ask for your money or time – everything is just a doddle! You:

  1. Go to our website
  2. Choose online generator
  3. Pick the required formatting style
  4. Insert several resource’s details
  5. Click on the Go, Done, or Finish button
  6. Save the generated citations or references to your personal account to use it at any moment

Do you find anything complicated? It’s not a problem as our online software has a loyal Customer Support. You can contact us round-the-clock to get help with the citation generator or learn how to order a custom essay written from scratch at an affordable price.

By now, you have most probably understood what our company does for the students around the world. His help is invaluable! Our team is committed to teaching academic writers, young authors, and college students from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada the art of 100% accurate quoting and referencing. Those are two points. Our company is sure that it is essential to equip the college and university students with the in-depth knowledge of a referencing style as well as other important writing skills. Trust us: the knowledge of Chicago formatting is a valuable, lifelong skill. If you want your academic project such as dissertation on the critical social issues to look like the relevant book in the public library and be appreciated by thousands of readers, do not skip this website – start generating your citations today without investing a single dollar!