11 simple steps to help you write a research paper on climate change

Climate change often tops the list of controversial essay topics students are often required to write about. What are you to do when you receive instructions on an assignment that requires you to write a research paper on such a wide topic? Most likely, your first reaction will be to panic. Too little time, such a controversial topic…you must feel overwhelmed

help you write a research paper on climate change

Not to worry, our 11 step guide assures you of an enjoyable experience while writing your research paper;

  • Start your assignment early

There never will be any advantage of starting your assignment too close to the deadline. Save yourself the last minute stress, start early. A research paper takes time to complete.

  • Read and understand your instructions

You do not want to dive right into the deep sea that is climate change without knowing what you are looking for. Finishing your research paper only to find out you will have to re-do it will not make for an enjoyable experience

  • Brainstorm

Climate change really is a wide topic. There are a range of issues you can decide to discuss, and an even wider array of formats your research paper can take. Think about narrowing down your topic to something more specific

  • Formulate your research question

This is the compass of your research paper. A good research paper answers a question completely and comprehensively. Again, you have to be careful not to have a research question that is too general.

  • Get down to the research

This is the most important part of your research paper. You do not want to type your research question into a search engine and pick any source that comes up. Not all sources have accurate information.

How do you know a credible source from one which isn’t? Ask yourself who, what, when?

A credible source for a paper on climate change has an author that is knowledgeable in the subject of climate change, is published by a legitimate organization and has the most recent information related to climate change.

  • Come up with a clear, concise thesis statement

The thesis statement sets the stage for your research paper. It gives a brief outline that the paper will follow; you must not leave it out of your first paragraph.

  • Create an outline for your paper

A good research paper must have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The number of body paragraphs depends on the length requirement of your essay.

  • Write your paper

While this may seem like he most difficult part, the steps taken to this point will make writing the paper quite simple. As you write, always cite the sources of information you have used. Use specific examples and avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

  • Create a reference list

Once you have finished your research paper on climate change, compile all the sources you have used throughout the paper in a list that is formatted according to the paper requirements.

  • Proofread your paper

Read through your paper correcting any grammar and syntax errors

  • Get a second opinion

It is always good to have someone else read your paper for a second opinion.

Mistakes to avoid when writing a research paper on climate change

There are some traps you should watch out for;

  • Having a topic that is too general or too specific
  • Depending on one source for all your content
  • Forgetting to cite a source used in your paper amounts to plagiarism
  • Not having body paragraphs that flow from one to the next which will leave your reader confused
  • Not proofreading your research paper which might leave some careless errors

Now you know what to do and what not to do when working on your climate change paper. While it may seem like a difficult task at first, make sure to use our simple guide to help you write your research paper.

Do not forget to watch out for the common mistakes students make when writing a research paper.

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