7 Life Stories of People who Succeeded Without Relevant Education

There are a lot of people who understand that to become a successful person is possible without diploma. However, there are even more of those who don’t believe it. This article will tell you about 7 famous and rich people, who have succeeded due to their bright minds without a relevant major or a diploma.
Succeeded Without Relevant Education

So, here is the list of 7 most successful people without higher education:

1. Roman Abramovich
There is no need to introduce one of the richest men of Russia. Nevertheless, his data on higher education is contradictory. Some documents called the Ukhta Industrial Institute and the Moscow Institute of Gas and Oil of Gubkin, while none of them wasn’t finished. His current official biography contains Moscow State Law Academy that he finished in 2001. But this data wasn’t confirmed, as well.

2. Ruth Handler
This woman gave birth to her two children and … one doll. Children brought her joy and this doll money. Today, Barbie’s “mom” is one of the richest and most famous women in the United States. Her company takes the first place in the world in the terms of a turnover of toys.

3. Henry Ford
Most Americans believe that Henry Ford invented a car. Many are convinced that Henry Ford invented a conveyor as well. Although Ransom Olds used moving trucks in his production 6 years before Ford. As for conveyor belts, they have been already used on grain elevators and meat-packing plants in Chicago. Ford’s great merit was that he created mass production.
He invented the automobile business. When the businesses become economically organized, the demand for a manager appeared. The XX century became the century of management. With only 8 years of education Henry Ford was recognized as the best businessman of XX century by Fortune magazine!

4. Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA)
Ingvar started doing business in childhood, selling matches to his neighbors. He discovered that he could buy them cheaply in Stockholm by large quantities, and then sell at retail at low cost, and as a consequence to have a good profit. Subsequently, he was engaged in fish, Christmas tree decorations, seeds, pens and pencils selling.
Ingvar has founded the company that later became IKEA. He has never studied in a University.

5. Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs didn’t invent the first personal computer “Apple,” it was invented by his friend Steve Wozniak. However, Steve Jobs can be considered as its surrogate father as he brought the idea of PC performance. After six months of studying, Jobs left the Reed College considering higher education boring and formal. But this fact didn’t prevent him to be a genius Project Manager.

6. Bill Gates
William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates is an American businessman and social activist, philanthropist. One of the founders and the largest shareholder of the Microsoft Company. In the period from 1996 to 2007 and in 2009 he was recognized as the richest man in the world by the Forbes magazine. He had left his college and got his diploma after 30 years.

7. Mark Zuckerberg
This man invented Facebook, one of the world’s most famous social networks. And he made that while being studying in Harvard. Facebook popularity has become so big that Mark completely abandoned high school and founded the company in Palo Alto.

The epilogue : )

In this article, we persude nobody to leave schools or universities. It is just an example of how many millionaires have succeeded without higher education and relevant majors. This fact did not prevent them to create their own companies and make millions or billions of dollars.

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