How to Write Death Penalty Research Paper: 5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Content

How to Write Death Penalty Research Paper: 5 Simple Steps to a Powerful Content

Studying at the university? Every student knows that writing a perfect research paper is one of the most important assignments you should complete to succeed in studies. Working on this kind of task, you have to demonstrate a deep knowledge on the particular subject. And death penalty or execution is not the easiest topic to write about, right?

In case you can’t deal with the paper writing, don’t panic. You are not alone in this! In fact, a lot of students feel lost when it comes to writing a research paper. We’ve prepared a list of tips that will surely come in handy during writing. So here are some effective steps to perfect writing:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. The rule is clear: the earlier you start, the better result you will get. A high-quality paper requires dedication and concentration. All these steps take a lot of time and can’t wait for last minute effort.
  • Make an outline and several drafts. There is no need to create the traditional outline for a research paper or write the first draft in the correct order. Nevertheless, don’t ignore this stage. Write several body paragraphs and then add an introduction and conclusion. Allocate time for working on the draft so that you can proofread it and turn a rough draft into the final version.
  • Formulate the thesis statement. It is the central part of any research paper. In the classic five-paragraph paper, the thesis should be determined briefly at the end of the introduction.
  • Organize the paper (introduction, body, conclusion). Introduce the topic, represent your opinion on an researched issue, discuss it with appropriate evidence, arguments and examples. Then sum up main points in the conclusion.
  • Edit and proofread. Hone your paper to perfection by reducing grammar, spelling and format mistakes. If possible, print the paper and read the content out loud. This helps to fix errors easily than during silently reading. Keep in mind that poor grammar tells your professor that you don’t care enough about your project.

If you are about to start writing but don’t know where to find relevant sources, you can use this list of references which give arguments for various opinions on the topic:

  • Amnesty International site. Here you can find a lot of useful statistics and the latest news concerning the topic. The main view on the death penalty is that it is the irreversible denial of human rights.
  • Death Penalty Focus. This organization focuses on bringing about the repeal of execution. In the article ‘Mental illness on death row’ prepared by Death Penalty Focus, you can find facts and evidence that many people who died because of capital punishment over the past ten years were affected by a form of mental illness.
  • Pro-death penalty. At this website, you will quickly find papers written on subjects related to execution and materials that can be used in your research.

Humans all around the globe have used capital punishment to avenge criminals at one point of history. Nevertheless, modern society has controversial opinions concerning this kind of punishment. Thus, to write an effective death penalty research paper, you have to conduct a broad research and analyze sources with different opinions on this topic. Besides, the quality and reliability of examined sources are important.

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