Crime as a Social Problem: Writing an Essay on Crime

Crime is one of the most prevalent problems in any society. People live in fear and are even afraid to leave their houses. The rate of crime is increasing in all parts of the world. Some people don’t work to work for the things they want so they think it is easier to take it from other people. No one has the right to take anyway anything from another person that doesn’t belong to them. Crime represents a deviation from the social norms. They are divided into various categories depending on how severe the offense is, the age of the offender, and type of punishment the offender will get. In today’s world, people commit criminal offenses, get away with them and prosecute other people for the same crimes they committed. People commit crimes due to various reasons.

You can uncover its causes when writing an essay on crime:You can uncover its causes when writing an essay on crime:

  • Education: The education system doesn’t put enough emphasis on the morals and character of an individual.
  • Poverty: One of the biggest causes of crime is poverty. The rich are continuing to get richer, and the poor get poorer. Living in poverty can get frustrating making people do unethical acts such as prostitution, corruption, and bribery among many When you think of your family, and how they will go a night without food, turning to crime doesn’t look like such a bad idea after all. You might think you are doing the right thing by feeding them, but how you do it matters. Does the goal justify the means?
  • Politics: Around the world, politicians have a group of mafias who do the dirty work for them in exchange for pushing their agenda. They misuse political power by taking advantage of the weaker group which in turn forces them to resort to crime because no one is looking out for their interests. Supporters of the politicians may not agree with the other parties which make them resolve to crime just to prove a point.
  • Racism: Racism is a major problem in today’s world. People discriminating against each other can cause violence and crime to erupt. Racism causes unrest in many parts of the world when people don’t look at each other as human beings, but rather they want to look at the physical appearance.
  • Unemployment: Unemployment plays a huge role when it comes to crime. Having too much idle time can make you have many evil thoughts. A young person who is always looking for work but never finds a break-through can become a robber. This is mostly the case in developing countries.
  • Drugs: A person addicted to drugs isn’t able to support their addiction. Therefore they’ll resort to crime to support their habit. Other people who don’t use the drugs get involved in criminal activities.
  • Family: No family is perfect. Sorting family domestics is an easy thing for some but for others, it is hard to deal with some conditions. When people don’t get love and attention, they turn to criminal activities.

Writing an essay on crime

When writing any type of essay, your introduction must capture your reader’s attention immediately as they read it. You can decide to use a quote, a question that’s provocative, an anecdote or a combination of all. The body of your essay should explain your ideas clearly and concisely. When writing the conclusion, remind the reader that they have come to the end of your essay. Restate your thesis using different words by summarizing the points you made earlier using a different perspective.


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