Depression Papers as the Types of Argumentative Essays: Tips and Tricks

There are many psychological issues that prevent people from living a wealthy and happy life. Imagine that your next academic assignment is related to preventing depression. It’s a common problem faced by many students as teens are rather sensitive. You may be asked to compose a descriptive, definition, or informative paper but most often Psychology class teachers are interested in obtaining powerful argumentative papers.

Excellent Academic Depression Papers

The main purpose of an argumentative paper is to make the audience accept your point of view. If you’re working on a persuasive paper, make sure the reader also supports your opinion like it was their own. Let’s pretend that you’re preparing a President Election Campaign speech. You should name the advantages of supporting your specific candidate. However, did you notice something’s lacking in all those beautiful words? Right, such speeches usually ignore the opposing views. Even if they recall the opponents, usually these campaigns say nothing good about controversial views.

That is wrong. It’s absolutely wrong when working on the argumentative paper. The most important things to consider when developing depression papers are:

  • Building a specific argument for/against and one controversial argument.
  • Using thesis statement as the paper’s base.
  • Applying particular academic formatting to your essay. There are too many referencing styles to take into account, but APA is the one applied to Psychology research papers as it was established by the American Psychologic Association.
  • Conducting a broad research, do not stop researching until you discover enough evidence to support all (3-5) arguments as well as argue on the controversial point. You may need to research even the topics that are completely opposite to your chosen problem.

The more credible resources you use, the higher your final grade will be.

You may get lost in your points. There should be at least five paragraphs in your essay. A writer may get lost in the pool of ideas in case there is no outline. An outline is the essay’s action plan which provides its structure. It looks pretty much like a table of contents, but it’s not necessary to include some pages. What is important is to divide the paper into the main topics and several subtopics. Turn to the outline each time you are losing the point. Don’t fall off the topic!

Why are the most relevant topics recommended? Well, the most recent topics discussed in the society are debatable. A good argumentative topic must be debatable. Otherwise, it would be a simple narrative essay with information everyone agrees on like why people need water. You are not about to describe the topic or explain how something functions. You should make people think why the issue is so important and, in the end, see that you’re right.

Read these depression papers tips and examples

Depression papers topic examples

To find out whether your assigned or chosen topic is debatable enough, follow this checklist.

  • Would anyone argue with my point of view? Is it a dogma?
  • What would other people say about this issue?
  • Is there a way to respond to the problem with just ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Your topic might need additional information.
  • Can the thesis be based on scholarly evidence?
  • Are you considering religious, cultural, ethical or moral aspects when judging the issue? Provide quality research in addition to quantitative!
  • Is the argument concise and clear sufficiently?

Are you worried about taking a solid stance on the chosen problem? You don’t have a choice if the topic is assigned by your school or college teacher. However, if you have a right to pick the topic independently, you should check the availability of information and the quality of resources. Also, you must be passionate about the topic. Make sure that your knowledge and skills in a specific area are enough to convince people.

In the case of depression essay, the writer must be able to share some real-life examples or recommendations based on the successfully resolved cases. You don’t have permission to give advice which might have an adverse effect. At the same time, provide counter argument and reject it using corresponding evidence along with examples that show its ineffectiveness.

Depression papers topic examples

You may select one of the depression paper topics:

  • The medical definition of depression.
  • Signs of different types of depression.
  • Things that cause depression.
  • How to define people who are under the threat of developing depression?
  • Main symptoms of depression.
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