Preparing to Write a Depression Research Paper

Are you preparing to write a research paper on depression? You are at the right place. Writing a dissertation has been challenging to many students. The idea of not fulfilling the requirements is quite overwhelming to many of us. Topics on depression have been tackled by many students for their research paper. That means there  is overwhelming information in the internet to be used.

Are you preparing to write a research paper on depression

Step 1: Choice of Topic

The first thing that you need to know is the exact issue that you intend to cover in the research paper. For many years students have written a depression research paper. That means most of the topics have been wildly exhausted and written about repeatedly. Your choice of topic should be something significant to contribute to the discussion already out there.

Over the years, the success of research papers has largely depended on the topic and the person investigating and writing the paper. That means you must be passionate about the topic you have chosen. The topic should have wide variety of information to help with the research.

You can involve other people to help you choose the right topic. Friends and family members can give ideas on their concerns about depression. You can research recent development that have been raised by the society about depression. This could help develop the inner drive to get involved with the research as you will be contributing to an important issue, and maybe become the solution to it.

Remember that writing a research paper may not be a few hours job, as you may be caught in deep research depending on the topic that you have chosen. Ensure that you are confident about the topic that you settle on so that you avoid wasting time on research then change your mind and choose another later.

Step 2: Writing an outline for a depression research paper

The outline is the core step in writing the research paper. It is here that you organize all the ideas and research materials that you have gathered. Arrange the argument according to the strength of each one to your topic. This section is arranged in  point form stating each important idea. The sentences should be brief as possible with only the key terms. The outline is structured into three key sections; the introduction, body and conclusion. State the thesis at the introduction and why you need to research the said topic.

Step 3: Writing the Research Paper

Once the outline is out, it is time to write the first draft. The paper will follow the format of the outline giving key interest in the sections as they are numbered.

The introduction will have an opening argument on the background of the topic and recent development. State the interest of the research and give the thesis statement. The reader should be able to have a clear idea of what the research will be about.

The body paragraphs are arranged according to the strengths of the arguments. Every argument is accompanied by evidence and the source of information properly cited. You should state clearly how that point is related to the thesis. Have one paragraph with a counter argument and state why you disapprove its findings. The results of the data collected should clearly support the thesis statement.

Proofread the first draft and ensure that all evidences support the thesis and that there are no grammar mistakes. If satisfied with the flow, right the final draft. The final draft should have a logical flow and be ready for submission.

Best Practices for writing a Research Paper

  • Plan for all the steps of writing the research
  • Choose a topic with adequate information
  • Avoid high emotion topics
  • Draft an outline with clear objectives
  • Choose one side of the argument
  • Finish the paper in time

As you have seen writing a research paper on depression requires extensive study. This topic has attracted quite a number of arguments in the past. Research papers are meant to clarify or contribute to a topic and should therefore be taken seriously by students.

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