Desperate questions for writing a Paper

‘Why did I ever decide to go to college?’ That is not the only thing you’ll be asking yourself when you are overloaded with homework and dreaming of a good night’s sleep. The most desperate questions come to your mind when you need to write another paper (and that is normally at 2 a.m.).

In this post, we’ve collected these desperate paper-writing questions of yours, and even better – came up with answers! Any of these sound familiar?

Desperate Questions You Ask Yourself When Writing a Paper

1) How can I possibly fit this paper into my schedule, with so much other homework?!

This paper, then an essay for that other class, a group project, a test to study for… How can anyone do all that homework on time?

Answer: create a regimen for working on your paper.

Plan a study regimen that includes both your paper and your other assignments. Estimate how much time you will need for each task, what the deadlines are – and you’ll see you can fit all of it. Well, most of the time you can.

2) This topic is huge and complicated, where do I even start?!

It’s (relatively) easy to write on a topic that is simple and straightforward. But what if it’s so huge and can be researched from so many angles, that you have no idea how to approach it?

Answer: research relevant easy topics.

Try making a list of easier topics that are relevant to yours. As you research them, you will find ideas for your thesis statement and arguments.

3) 20 pages? How can a human being even write so many?!

20+ page papers can be scary. How do you even start on a huge job like that? With at least 1 hour for each page, that is how many all-nighters?! (Hyperventilating.)

Answer: divide the work into smaller tasks.

Don’t worry: large papers are much easier to write if you divide the work into smaller tasks. Make a list of these tasks (for example, today you work on your thesis statement only) and cross them out as you complete them.

4) What do I do with this pile of research material I’ve collected?!

So, you have done a great job and collected tons of material, relevant to your topic (by the way, here’s how to collect that material without wasting hours in the library). How on earth do you bring order into that messy pile of books, articles, and reports?

Answer: use mind maps to organize all the information.

Time to structure your material properly. It’s not as hard as it seems. Mind maps let you organize what you know about your topic and clarify what you yet need to know. There are lots of mind-mapping software tools available, but manually drawn maps are often more inspiring.

Yes, writing a paper is no bed of roses. Sometimes you’ll be desperate, and if these answers don’t help much, perhaps you need someone experienced to do that paper for you? Order it here at, and the despair will be over!


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