Discrimination essay

Usually, a discrimination essay should cover a serious theme like education, racism, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or gender. In a word, discrimination is when people judge other people by the physical appearance. The human psychology is a complicated thing, because it turns to be that some people feel that this kind of judgment brings them fun. For some people pointing out other’s imperfections bolsters their self-esteem.

To write a successful discrimination essay, follow some instructions below:

  • Find a topic.

You need to define a topic that bothers you the most and makes you feel a sense of injustice. Well, almost all the themes of that kind would make you indignant, but try to find something close to you and your words will sound the most sincere.

  • Research.

Now you have to start looking for the facts and statistics that would serve to support your views. Use Internet or books to find helpful information. Looking through the sources you will find, jot down the ideas

Remember that you have to use only the reliable sources, like books and scholar articles. Also do not forget to cite all the sources properly on your works cited page, unless you will be blamed in plagiarism.

  • Your analysis.

You have collected all the necessary background information, and now you need to formulate your own opinion about it and express it in the most accessible way. Read the material carefully and define the main aspects, the reasons of discrimination and provide a historical background.

Try to identify the weak arguments and restate them. The best way to make your essay unique is to define what exactly the other writers have overlooked or expressed incompletely. Think about the ways to remove all of their uncertainties and explain it in your own words.

  • Strong introduction is a half the battle.

Introducing your essay, you have to grab the readers’ attention. Try to describe the issue in a single sentence, and that would be your thesis statement. The first paragraph serves to bring the basis of your further arguments.

  • Step by step.

Each of your argument should be in a separate paragraph. You have to provide at least tree argument to prove your thesis. Express your own thoughts and don’t forget to back up your essay with appropriate examples from your sources to support the claim. If you can explain the idea in simple words, use a simple statement. Dividing an essay into paragraphs is important because it is exhausting to read a wall of text and your reader will give up in the middle.

  • Conclude the essay with a call to action or a proposal. Imagine that you appeal to the whole world and want to convey your views of justice to each of the people. A good essay is the one that sticks to reader’s memory.
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