Highlight the main viewpoint in Conflicts essays

The two ways on how to structure Conflicts essays include first expressing and stating a clear viewpoint in the essay, and secondly, being reflective, neutral and balanced in all the arguments made. The following tenets relate to the first point; clear viewpoint.

How to structure Conflicts essays

  • Always ask yourself if indeed you have a viewpoint you are presenting when writing conflict essays. Although you should approach the essay from a neutral angle, stating clearly what you will believe in and justifying it is very important. This informs the reader that you have also widely read and are knowledgeable as an expert in the area. This is the point where your personality and authenticity must be communicated. However, avoid binding yourself to either side of the divide in the conflict because people of the dissent view may have negative connotations that decant negative impacts on readability of the essay.
  • It is not about personalities but issues when you write conflict essays. Always be objective in tackling issues around the conflict. Great writers do not talk about the person who said, but the issue that was said. This helps to maintain decorum in the write-up essay. This is for a simple reason that attacking other people’s personalities is a direct invitation for the attack of your own personality as the author of the essay amongst the readers.
  • Clearly show the differences between interest and position. Positions are held to make resolution attempts very difficult to achieve. The best aspect to look into is the interest. By understanding the interests of concerned parties in a conflict situation, there are high chances that your essay is beefed up to look very professional. Interests for instance show what each party needs addressed but positions indicates what they believe in and what they want done. It is always easier to address interests than positions. Attempt to convince shifts in positions because conflicts cannot be tackled when parties maintain their positions. Positions do not matter; people can change their positions on anything as long as the right issues have been tacked. An attempt to remind readers that a hard position is simply making the conflicting situation to look even worse is worthwhile.

Keep Conflicts essays reflective, neutral and balanced

Conflict essays could sometimes be very emotive, a situation that calls for a lot of reflection and critical analysis. In real conflicts, people make all types of accusations and as a media, you may need to be very critical in order to understand the real issues to separate issues from positions as earlier stated. However, this task is not possible unless the mediator is very neutral and perceived to be balanced. The same should be translated into essay writing as the role of the author other than expressing the viewpoint by considering the following:

  • As a reflective author of an essay, it is essential to evaluate all sides of the conflicting issue by observation, empirically or thematically through learning. By conducting research and gathering enough evidence, reflective essay writer on conflict issues will have the knowledge of all underlying issues of a situation and address it amicably.
  • Engaging into an interaction with real issues in a dialogical manner is a great ingredient in garnering the truth of conflicting issues. The process of learning should never cease for the essay writer because it is only through a discourse analysis, contextual assessment and a questioning mind that the elephants in conflicting issues are made visible. The visibility then ties the author to party interests and opposed to party positions hence beginning to conquer hard position and resolving the conflict elements.
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