How to Write Essays about Beauty

How to Write Essays about BeautyWriting an essay about the thing that you cannot touch with your hands or perceive with one of your senses is a tough task. If you have a specific task to describe a specific beauty concept or the beauty of a person, it will be much easier than to develop your idea about something intangible. Let’s take at the essays about beauty from different angles and define how your essay should look like. Scroll down to see the tips on how to write a strong essay about beauty and the things related to it.

Develop a strong thesis

It’s the concept you have to develop or the main problem of the paper that you need to solve. If you have to write about beauty, you can consider the following:

  • The concept of inner beauty or the hidden side of human’s personality.
  • The concept of the beauty that is related to the physical appearance of a human.
  • The concept of the beauty of living beings and nature around you.
  • The concept of beauty of inanimate things.

Depending on the concept, you will build up a different story for every of them. You can compare the beauty concepts of different ages and epochs. Or you can pick up the problem that affects you the most. For example, you can write that the physical appearance is not the main thing that defines whether the person is beautiful or not. Another example can be about the beauty of nature in different parts of the world and its influence on the people that live there and so on. Your fantasy and imagination are your only limits in developing a thesis.

Mind your style

If you’re writing an essay about beauty, you should meet standard style requirements. Don’t use jargon or slang words. It’s not a very good idea to judge other people or living beings if they look different from you by saying that they are not beautiful. You can use negative judgments only if they are supported by proofs that you take from reliable sources. However, we don’t advise you to use unnatural language or too formal style.

If you use your natural language, it will be much easier for you to express your thoughts and paraphrase the most valuable information from your sources. Don’t invent any new approaches to formatting your paper. Stick to the guidelines provided by your professor. Use one font for the whole text and standard spacing as well. If you have a chance to use another font, print the paper to see how readable it is. Remember the rule that less is better.

How to do the research?

Reading a lot of books won’t help if you don’t know how to do the research for the essay. You will have a lot of information that will be useless once you start writing the text. What’s the most important while doing the research? It’s a thesis. You should mind it and spend time only on the texts or articles that are related to it. You will probably be highly motivated to read a lot of sources, but slow down and focus only on essential things.

Take the thesis or several of them with you to the library or just put them near you when you will surf the Internet. Ask yourself, “So what?” every time you see valuable information about the topic of your essay. Think what value it has for you and the readers. Think if it can help you prove your arguments in the text. Thinking that you will save this page or this article and you will read it in some days is wrong. You won’t do that even in a year. Copy the exact phrases and words together with the title and the author of the book.

How to finish your essay?

When your research is finished, you will have a page or two filled with the citations from various sources. Start writing the body part where you will insert them. Devote one paragraph of the text to one argument from you. Sum up your thoughts, predict some future researches on the topic in conclusion, and write down the introduction. When you have the text ready, proofread it and ask someone to evaluate your concept. You can do it yourself if you put the text away for a few days and come back to it again later.

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