How to Achieve Well-Organized Essay with Minimum Efforts

It is critical to remember that an essay is not a novel, so you need to choose a few basic arguments, revealing the central subject and start writing an introduction. The introduction should give a precise idea of ​​what will be discussed further, and the teacher must catch sight of your attitude to the particular set of challenges.

Well-Organized Essay


So, a well-structured introduction should:

  • demonstrate your intention to answer the question;
  • show the insight of the topic;
  • outline the structure of your answer and the main aspects that you will take into the consideration (your plan);
  • confirm that you have done some research and be ready to cite your sources;
  • fully comply with the theme;
  • be concise and take about 8-9% of the total amount of text

Main part

The main part should disclose each of the arguments using examples and illustrations. The information must be parted in clear order (for that reason text is divided into paragraphs). You need to scale your structure and make sure that the main part logically leads to the conclusion.


The conclusion is designed to totalize the expressed ideas. Here, it is necessary to answer the question, formulated in the essay topic. Or, depending on the topic, to indicate the prospects or the consequences of the issue.

In addition, you can formulate the bound topics worthy of further consideration and express original field of vision in this section – if they are backed up by facts that you pointed earlier.

A well-structured conclusion is:

  • Not just summarizing. The conclusion must be a well-weighed shutdown.
  • It means a summary of the basic ideas. It is required to turn to the introduction and make parallels with the same keywords or figures, but using various formulations. Do not repeat word for word.
  • Reinforcement of the main ideas of the work. Different types of essays require specific In short, the work does not need a detailed reduplication of the central ideas.
  • Include a question that will awake the next proposition for further consideration. Or to use bright and useful view or quote, if it is appropriate.
  • As an option – to forecast the results or consequences of a possible solution, or call for action.

However, some moments should be forbidden in the essay conclusion:

  • Propose an entirely new idea. If they are really notable, include them in the main body.
  • Use an acquittal tone. Be sure in your affirmations. Avoid statements like: “I am not an expert, but…” or “However, it is my opinion”.”Don’t judge me” claims are indicators of your non-competence and uncertainty.
  • Focus on excessively insignificant details.
  • To deny the value of previous arguments.

As a general tip about of the required length of each paragraph, you can use the following sample(this is recommended, but not difficult and fast rule):

  • Introduction – 5% of the volume of the essay
  • Conclusions – 10% of the volume of the essay

According to the professors’ opinion, the conclusion is the most efficient part of the essay. Here you demonstrate that you have mastered the material well and approached to the consideration of the problem thoughtfully. Do not panic, if your conclusion will force you to rewrite other parts of the text. In fact, it is a good attribute!

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