How To Start A Research Paper

Students around the world usually do not pay enough attention to the beginning of their research papers. And that’s a common mistake that every student has made at least once in his life. How many times has your professor pointed out the mistakes that you have made at the beginning of your essay? In case you receive remarks often, it seems that you need to change something in preparation for your research and change the beginning of the process of writing your paper.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that if you start your research paper in the correct form, thereafter, your work will go like a hot knife through the butter. However, first of all, let’s have a closer look at the meaning of the research paper.

writing a research paper

What Is a Research Paper?

Ask ten students about the meaning of the research paper, and you will receive ten different answers. However, due to the modern education system, a research paper is the best form of checking the knowledge of any subject. There are a lot of reasons why this type of paper is considered the best for checking the knowledge of students. And here are some of them. First of all, researching papers helps students to work with literature and sources. Researching work helps students to improve logical thinking and find the answers to their questions by themselves. It also helps to get to the bottom of the things regarding the subject.

As you can see research paper is a truly important form of checking knowledge. However, in order to make it easier for you, we have collected the main characteristics of the research paper.

  • Clear problem. Every research paper needs a clear problem. Your topic should not describe the general situation. Instead, by drawing your attention to one problem and working with it, you should explain your position due to the chosen topic.
  • Solid evidence. A research paper, like any other scientific work, requires a solid basis that is formed from evidence. It’s no matter what subject your paper refers to. Whether it is Math or History, you should substantiate your vision and position, and evidence will help you to create your own position. Without evidence, your work will be just a usual essay where you share your thoughts regarding the specified topic.
  • Relevant sources. No research work can be written without relevant sources. A reliable source is your best research paper helper. Any research paper, despite the subject, should be based on special literature. So the first thing you should do is take a look at the list of recommended literature and read it carefully. This step will help you to orientate the chosen subject.

Research Paper Introduction Example: How To Write A Research Paper Title Page

Proper formatting of the research paper title page is a crucial moment in your writing. Since the title page comes first, it has a great impact on the overall attitude to your work from the reader’s side. Thus, knowing the rules of writing research paper title page should be a must-have for every student. Fortunately, you can find them all below.

Include The Necessary Items In Your Title Page

Regardless of what the instructions for a research paper are, the title page should always include the following items:

  • A title. The title has to consist of 10-12 words. It should name the topic of your research paper and some questions that will be covered in your work.
  • Your name. Your full name should be placed at the center a few sentences below the title.
  • Your institution name. Place the full name of your institution (college or university) just below your name.
  • Name of your professor. Write the name of your professor in the institution.
  • A year of submission. Place it just under the professor’s name.
  • A running head. This item is your short abbreviation of the title, counting a maximum of 50 words. Write it on the upper-left edge.
  • A number of the page. Use the numeration for your research paper, starting with the title page. Put it in front of a running head – on the upper-right edge.

Format According To APA Formatting Rules

When writing a research paper, you should know that there are two main formats to stick to APA and MLA. Even though these formats look similar, it is essential to know the rules of formatting for both. So when you format your research paper title page according to the APA format, mind the rules below.

  • Write an engaging title approximately in the center of the page. Use a 12-point font size for that.
  • A few lines below should be written personal details: author’s name, institution’s name, and the submission year.
  • Include your tutor’s name below the personal details section if it is required in the research paper writing instructions.
  • Write a running head and a page number at the very top of the page on the left and on the right side accordingly.

Format According To MLA Formatting Rules

In some cases, you will be supposed to format your research paper according to the Modern Language Association format. However, a title page might not be obligatory to be written in that format. But in any way, it is necessary to know how to format a research paper title page according to the MLA format.

  • Write the title of your research paper in 12-point font size. Capitalize every word of your title but write prepositions from the small letters. Never use punctuation until it is not a quote.
  • Place personal details 2-3 lines down the title.
  • Then separate your class with 2-3 lines down the personal details.
  • When writing the date of the submission, bear in mind that it should be written in the European style: first comes a day, then month and year.

Introduction Paragraph Outline: Beginning Of Your Research Paper

Do not start your paper with the thought: “ Maybe I will pay someone to write my research paper .”Instead, start your research work from the introduction paragraph outline. In order to start your research paper correctly, your essay definitely should include this important section. Without it, you will not be able to write your paper in the correct academic form. This part is essential to your paper and if you want to write your work due to all requirements, let’s take a closer look at the main parts of the introduction paragraph outline.

Attention Grabber

No research work can not be considered accomplished without an accurate introduction. In the introduction, you should describe the purpose of your research and explain why you want to take a closer look at the problem of writing. And to make your reader become interested in your work from the first sentence, you should give yourself some freedom. Come up with some interesting and short sentences that will grab the attention of your reader.

If you make everything correct, your paper will be not only informative but also interesting for any person who will read your research.

Designation Of Key Ideas

At the introduction of your paragraph, you surely can take some notes about the key ideas that you have used in your paper. But do not provide too much information at the beginning. The introduction is the section where you should give your reader an opportunity to have a fast look at the main ideas. A few sentences for an idea will be just enough, and by the way, it also would be easier for you to orientate in your own concepts.

Correct Thesis Statement

At the beginning of your research work, you should denote your thesis. The thesis is the main idea of your paper that will explain the purpose of your research. You will use your thesis during your whole paper. It will help you to build a clear structure, to which you will add your paragraphs that will be based on real facts.

Transition Sentence

A transition sentence is a special way that will help you to make a smooth transition from the introduction to the body of your paper. At the end of your introduction, it’s really important to have a transition that will feel natural. It’s a real art to make the whole research feel like one whole. Transition to the main part should not include only one sentence, and you can make a little paragraph that will help you to move on to the main body of your work.

To Sum Up

If you finally decide not to buy research paper online and write it by yourself, it’s important to start it correctly. The introduction of your paper is the most important part of your paper. Be sure that in case you do it responsibly, your teacher or professor will see it from the first sentences.

The introduction of your paper also needs to include some indispensable parts, such as the thesis, some main ideas, and transaction sentences. By adding all this in the right way, you will get a perfect beginning for your research paper

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