105 Microeconomics Research Topics

Looking for good microeconomics research paper topics for your college project?

The purpose of writing a paper in microeconomics is to integrate and apply the mathematical tools and important concepts that students study during the semester. Instructors evaluate such papers taking into account their originality and the quality of the economic analysis performed by the students.

Choosing an impressive topic for research is the first very important step in academic writing because the success of a college research paper depends on a variety of factors and the choice of the right topic for research is one of them.

The topic should be interesting for both you and your reader, broad enough to find necessary material and at the same time manageable.

Microeconomics is a branch of science that covers a large variety of topics so it may be challenging to find the best one, especially if you have just started the class.

We would like to help you and have gathered here 100+ powerful topics for doing research in microeconomics.

Microeconomics research topics

Microeconomics studies the economic behavior of individual isolated units of the economy, such as a specific person, a household, a company or an industry. This field of study deals with factors that influence individual economic choices. Actually, it’s the study of markets and their key elements – supply and demand at the personal and corporate level and scarcity of goods. Microeconomics analyzes the markets and determines the prices for services and goods that best allocate limited resources.

In simple words, this branch of science studies how people make decisions when they know that they don’t have all the money and time in the world to buy all products and services and to manufacture everything. Microeconomics investigates how our behaviors and decisions influence the supply and demand for products and services, which determines how much money we pay for them. In turn, the prices for goods determine their quantities of supplies by companies and demanded by ordinary consumers. As you see, decisions made by businesses and individual consumers are motivated by their considerations about cost and benefit.

Microeconomics covers a wide variety of topics, for example, supply and demand, opportunity cost, elasticity, market structures, the theory of production, entrepreneurship, labor market, pricing etc. These large research paper writing topics include a lot of subtopics, and you can choose them for your research.

Take a look at this shortlist:

  1. Inflation: essence, types, sources, consequences.
  2. The impact of game theory on economic theory.
  3. What is the effect of labor force participation on the economy and budget?
  4. How income changes affect consumer choices.
  5. Benefits of the opportunity cost approach to individual decision making.
  6. Examples of homogeneous products in perfect competition.
  7. Impact of marital status on the labor force composition.
  8. Concept of market equilibrium.
  9. Impact of price on consumer buying behavior.
  10. How does advertising affect price elasticity?
  11. Impact of household, nature and industry conditions on microeconomic models.
  12. Do luxury goods follow the law of demand?
  13. How important is cross elasticity of demand?
  14. Razor and blades business model.
  15. What factors can influence the pricing system?
  16. Why is studying tax incidence important for determining the equity of a tax system?
  17. Compare the marketing strategies of Pepsi and Coca Cola.
  18. Why are network effects important?
  19. Barriers to entry and their effect on market competition.
  20. Fair value vs market value.
  21. Strategies of product differentiation.
  22. Harmful impacts of cartels on consumers.
  23. Is unemployment microeconomics or macroeconomics concept?
  24. Causes of China’s consumer inflation.
  25. Using microeconomics to maximize revenue.
  26. Dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of inequality in income distribution.
  27. Startups and depression: the dark side of entrepreneurship.
  28. Conspicuous consumption in the market for smartphones.
  29. Starting a business: how do entrepreneurs handle risk?
  30. How do firms use the long-run average cost curve in their planning?
  31. Businesses without offices – is this the way forward?
  32. Coca Cola supply and demand analysis.
  33. Difference between opportunity cost and implicit cost.
  34. How do labor markets work?
  35. How does minimum wage affect market equilibrium?

Microeconomics term paper topics

Term papers in microeconomics are actually extended essays that allow students to examine the most important concepts and analyze specific issues.

When writing term papers in microeconomics, students can demonstrate their ability to provide a logical argument, to critically analyze existing literature, and to determine empirical problems.

That’s why need to select an effective microeconomics research topic that will allow you to show your skills and help you impress your professor. Here are 35 original topic ideas you can choose for your essays and term papers.

  1. How can small businesses get out of debt?
  2. Strategies for avoiding small business bankruptcy.
  3. Why does a minimum wage result in unemployment?
  4. How does government policy impact microeconomics?
  5. Why do taxes cause deadweight loss?
  6. Social investment and the Matthew effect.
  7. Medical cost containment: a microeconomic approach.
  8. Importance of microeconomics in business decision making.
  9. What are the disadvantages of a strike for employees?
  10. Pros and cons of part-time work.
  11. Reasons why economies strive for maximal usage of natural resources.
  12. Productivity and economic growth.
  13. Role of information technology in economic development.
  14. Productive efficiency and allocative efficiency in perfect competition.
  15. Describe the impact of the rise in income on normal and inferior goods.
  16. Social inequality: the difference between wealth and income.
  17. Trading venues and market infrastructure.
  18. Role of innovative entrepreneurs in economic theory.
  19. Importance of market segmentation in healthcare.
  20. Money as a developed form of commodity relations.
  21. How to increase the working capital turnover ratio.
  22. Market failure and government intervention.
  23. Fixed and circulating capital economics.
  24. Losses from monopoly: theory and practice.
  25. Importance of intellectual property rights.
  26. Effects of bureaucracy on customers and employees.
  27. Importance of market speculation and its economic benefit.
  28. Consumer reaction to changes in income and prices.
  29. Advantages and disadvantages of risk pooling.
  30. Why is insurance necessary for the economic development of a country?
  31. Marginal profitability and marginal resource costs.
  32. Influence of trade unions on the labor market.
  33. Normal, inferior, necessary, and luxury goods.
  34. How is the tax burden shared between buyers and sellers?
  35. Walras equilibrium vs Marshall equilibrium.

Microeconomics term papers

Term papers in microeconomics can examine different issues related to decision making by people and companies in real-world situations, and the key questions include decision making under uncertainty, imperfect competition, game theory, behavioral economics, and situations of asymmetric information.

Here are 35 topic ideas for your inspiration.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of hiring full-time workers for business.
  2. Changes in equilibrium price and quantity.
  3. Price and output determination under non-collusive oligopoly.
  4. Discounted and non-discounted capital budgeting.
  5. Impact of taxes and subsidies on market equilibrium.
  6. Properties of Cobb-Douglas production function.
  7. Why do economists regard normal profit as a cost?
  8. Renewable resources: the impact of green energy on the economy.
  9. Price discrimination and monopolistic competition.
  10. Cournot competition vs Bertrand competition.
  11. Income inequality. Relationship between Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient.
  12. Pareto optimality in environmental economics.
  13. Limit utility and Gossen’s laws.
  14. Consumer preferences and budget constraints.
  15. Advertising: economic efficiency and public interest.
  16. Role of financial intermediaries.
  17. Circular economy and its benefits for society.
  18. Accounting profit vs economic profit.
  19. Consumer’s equilibrium through indifference curve analysis.
  20. Economic rent and transfer earnings.
  21. Impact of a price ceiling on the market.
  22. Theory of firm under perfect competition.
  23. Government intervention inland market.
  24. Theory and practice of anti-monopolistic regulation.
  25. Small business in a market economy: value, problems, prospects.
  26. Asymmetric information and adverse market selection.
  27. Analyze the main customer trends in your area.
  28. Explicit and implicit costs and accounting and economic profit.
  29. Sources of financing in a commercial enterprise.
  30. Law of diminishing returns in manufacture.
  31. Is Mcdonald’s a monopolistic competition?
  32. What can lead a company to success?
  33. First mover advantage in e-commerce.
  34. The concentration of production in sectors of the domestic industry.
  35. How to improve the profitability of a small store?

Now you have more than 100 interesting microeconomics term paper topics to choose from. Feel free to use any of them for writing your own essays and term papers.

You can choose any of them and use it as it is here without any changes or start own research to make the topic you like more narrow and manageable.

Whichever approach you select, we hope that our useful list will help you create an awesome project and get a high grade.

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