Problem Solution Essay Topics

Academic writing usually pursues a broad goal – identifying how well the student embraced the learning material and how accurately they can apply theory to practical events, phenomena, and processes. That’s exactly what you can do in a problem-solution essay, which is meant to test your skill of problem identification and scholarly evidence evaluation. You will need to find an issue in your area of study and scan the literature to find appropriate solutions to it. As a result, you should display a variety of analytical skills in this writing piece, proving to your professor that you can determine a problem, dissect it to realize its causes, and evaluate external evidence to find effective remedies to that issue. 

So, you should understand how to write analysis paper first and then proceed to the problem-solution type of academic writing. 

Problem Solution Topics for College Students 

Problems and solutions vary by discipline and academic level. High school students typically face the need to resolve some basic-level problems, while college students face the need to dive deeper into the essence of things and find non-obvious solutions to complex issues. Here are a couple of suggestions to inspire your writing effort. 

  1. The dark side of the body positivity movement. 
  2. Driving under the influence: incidence rates, causes, and solutions to the problem. 
  3. Ways of addressing police brutality and abuse of power.
  4. Solutions to the problem of racial violence in the USA. 
  5. Solutions to the ever-present problem of white-collar crime in European corporations. 
  6. Effective remedies to cybercrime and hacker attacks. 
  7. Solutions to the problem of body shaming. 
  8. Ways of improving privacy in the increasingly digitalized society. 
  9. Solutions to loosen the intimate relationship between poverty and criminality. 
  10. Solutions to concealed domestic violence. 
  11. Ways to encourage more families to adopt children from orphanages. 
  12. Reasons for wrongful sentencing and solutions to this problem. 
  13. Long-term remedies to the unemployment issue. 
  14. Ways to effectively promote the development of CMEs in the developing states. 
  15. Tech-savvy solutions to the problem of increasing waste and improper waste management in cities. 
  16. Solutions to the post-COVID-19 decrease in tourism industry’s popularity. 
  17. Workable solutions to the looming hyperinflation danger. 
  18. Ways to promote cultural diversity in the modern workplace. 
  19. Solutions to the harmful impact of perfect body images promoted on social media. 
  20. Addressing the increasing consumerism in modern society. 
  21. Effective solutions to help people exit abusive relationships. 
  22. Rising ageism and ways to address it in society and in the workplace. 
  23. Effective approaches to cultural exchange promotion. 
  24. Working solutions for promoting support for the elderly at the community level. 
  25. Reducing military tensions and risks across the globe via diplomatic means. 
  26. Efficient methods for curbing the global human trafficking industry. 
  27. How can humanity stop child labor practices in developing countries? 
  28. Using legislative means to limit the political candidates’ use of taxpayer money for their campaign financing. 
  29. Improving the quality of disabled individuals’ lives. 
  30. Solutions to the rising costs of education. 
  31. Problems that immigrants come across during assimilation and solutions to these challenges. 
  32. Possible solutions to the mounting substance abuse rates across the globe. 

University-Level Problem Solution Topic List 

Undergraduate writing about problems and their solutions is a distinct area of academic activity for which you should be sufficiently prepared. It engages students in a fascinating journey of problem identification, which is usually more complex than college-level writing. It would help to make sure that the problem is original – nobody has researched it in depth before. After that, you should construct genuinely new knowledge by analyzing the existing scholarly evidence, connecting the dots in theory, and finding brand-new solutions to the problem. 

The task may seem daunting at first, but it is highly rewarding as an independent scholarly effort in the end. Here are some suggestions for directions you can take in the process of working on such papers. 

  1. The magnitude of the STD problem in African countries and possible solutions to the STD spread. 
  2. Electricity-powered cars as a solution to the deteriorating air quality in North America. 
  3. Approaches to individual education on recycling practices. 
  4. Why is deforestation remaining at high levels?
  5. Workable solutions to reducing the volume of plastic waste disposal. 
  6. Landfill problem: an international comparison of the problem’s severity and regional approaches to addressing it. 
  7. School bullying: scope of the problem, causes, and solutions. 
  8. Effective educational techniques that may help resolve the problem of racial discrimination. 
  9. Workable methods for resource depletion minimization. 
  10. Is the problem of production process externalities acute in third-world countries? What can be done to curb it? 
  11. What can be done to reduce children’s exposure to illegal drugs? 
  12. Possible solutions to high divorce rates’ prevention. 
  13. Efficient approaches to reducing the number of school dropouts among students from low economic status families. 
  14. Educational techniques to ensure safe teenage driving.
  15. A variety of approaches to teen pregnancy reduction. 
  16. Best ways to help victims of home violence. 
  17. Effective methods of reintroducing ex-prisoners to society so that they integrate smoothly and don’t return to crime. 
  18. Effective approaches to curbing illegal immigration to the USA. 
  19. What can be done to make third-world countries safe for tourists? 
  20. How can humanity address illiteracy on a global level? 
  21. A variety of approaches to balancing free speech with individual protection against abuse and insults. 
  22. Workable techniques to help people transition to a healthy lifestyle. 
  23. Solutions to the problem of substance abuse. 
  24. Effective methods for seizing smoking. 
  25. Making large cities more pedestrian- and cycler-friendly. 
  26. The best solutions to the problem of joblessness in the tech era. 
  27. Effective methods of overcoming one’s limits in sports. 
  28. Solutions for harsh injury prevention in professional athletics. 
  29. How can students choose courses more effectively and avoid costly career changes early in their lives? 
  30. Possible solutions to dealing with a nasty roommate. 

Problem and Solution Ideas for all Study Levels and Subjects 

At times, you might only need to compose a short essay about a problem relevant to your field of study. Here are some topic ideas for various academic subjects that you can consider and choose a good, fresh idea for your homework task. 

  1. What can people do to help animals cope with the consequences of climate change and the loss of their natural habitats? 
  2. Financial fraud is flourishing today. How to make people more financially literate and protected against scams and criminals? 
  3. Working in a multinational company is a cultural challenge. How can a company help its employees integrate better? 
  4. Remote work is the new reality of the post-COVID world. What are the best solutions to communication hurdles in remote teams? 
  5. Pets are a great responsibility for people of all ages. What solutions can be found to reduce the number of abandoned pets on the streets? 
  6. Manufacturing gets costlier, and producers often resort to unethical cost-saving techniques that are reflected in product quality. What are the optimal solutions to maintaining the profit margin while at the same time keeping the manufacturing pipeline ethical? 
  7. Eating disorders are a growing global health concern. What are the possible solutions to this problem, and what causes should be addressed to minimize its scope? 
  8. Depression is a common occurrence among teenagers coming of age. What can parents do to help their children overcome depressive episodes with minimum harm to their mental and physical health? 
  9. Unethical advertisers often resort to people’s fears and prejudice to produce a convincing effect. What regulations should be implemented to guarantee rigorous consumer protection from such practices? 
  10. The elderly worldwide often suffer from loneliness and isolation, which causes their premature cognitive deterioration. What are the possible solutions to this problem on a community level? 
  11. Gender role education still follows many age-old stereotypes and prejudices that harm people at an adult age. How can these stereotypes be dropped across all educational levels to free the growing generation from their limiting nature? 
  12. Water is increasingly polluted with industrial waste across the globe. What effective regulations can be put in place to prevent the problem from aggravating? 
  13. Some countries are more successful in responding to climate change challenges, while others have failed in their efforts. How can successful states educate the less successful ones to ensure global progress toward curbing climate change? 
  14. Monarch butterflies, as well as hundreds of other species, are on the verge of extinction. How can we help preserve them? 
  15. People need transportation to move globally, but vehicles pollute the atmosphere. What are the alternative solutions to sustaining economic activities without so much pollution? 


What should I write my problem-solution essay about? 

As the name of this essay type suggests, you should compose a writing piece with an actual problem in focus. It’s vital to choose a serious topic that covers a really existing problem instead of making a problem out of nothing. Once you delineate the issue’s scope and magnitude with figures and significant stats, you may proceed to a range of possible solutions you’ve identified in scholarly literature. 

What is a problem-solution topic? 

There are tons of worthy topics for your problem-solution essays, and the choice primarily depends on your academic subject and the area of your interest. This way, you can work on the problem topical for your community, your research subject, or the broader science. If you’re a biologist, you may study the problems that flora and fauna may experience in your neighborhood and use academic evidence to suggest workable solutions. Otherwise, if you’re an MBA student, it may be a good idea to study a concrete managerial issue in a particular organization and propose data-backed solutions. 

What are some good topics for essays? 

Again, it’s hard to determine the topic’s quality without understanding your subject and area of research interest. However, in a nutshell, a good topic for problem-solution essays should be debatable and realistic. In other words, your identified problem should indeed exist and offer no self-obvious solutions.

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