Thoughts on writing abortion persuasive essay

Thoughts on writing abortion persuasive essay

Abortion is a common term  refers to the termination of a pregnancy before it has developed to full term whether spontaneous (miscarriage) or purposely induced. While writing Abortion persuasive essays, therefore, one has to try to convince the target group that it is right to terminate a pregnancy.

In America, abortion is legalized though special legislations governing the subject vary from state to state. The U.S Supreme Court in 1973 decided that legalized the termination of pregnancy if the mother or the parties involved wished to do so. While writing abortion persuasive essays, it is important to put your points articulately so as to connive your audience to your opinion. The following writing tips will come in handy.

Tips to remember

  • Thesis Statement: The thesis statement on the essay should be such that at the onset it is appealing, convincing and defendable. The stance was taken, Pro-choice, in this case, should be clear to the reader without leaving him in any doubt whether the writer is pro – life or pro-choice. It should be in black and white as it was that the writer is persuading the reader on abortion.
  • Opening sentences in every paragraph: you should be able to articulate the issues that convince and persuade the reader or audience on the need to procure an abortion if and when the woman feels the need to without looking back. This can be done very well when the opening sentences are clearly defined sub-topics on the issue at hand smoothly and clearly leading the reader in the desired direction considering a number of issues which might include but not limited to:
    • Moral and legal issues: The moral and legal issues should be put across such that the reader’s mind is opened on the merits of terminating a pregnancy as opposed to carrying it to term.
    • Religious issues: The fact that the Presbyterians and the United Methodists among the Christians are the main proponents of Pro-choice while up to 40% of those who prescribe to the Catholic and the Lutheran faith feel that there is nothing wrong with termination of pregnancies yet their leaders are strictly Pro – life and quite vocal in the condemnation of abortion should be pointers to be used in your persuasion. It all depends on the reason why the termination is desirable.
    • The Bible does not consider abortion as a crime. Consider the case in Exodus 21: 20 – 25 on miscarriage versus the death of the mother.
  • While raising every issue in support of abortion, do not leave the reader to try and make their own interpretation or decipher what you intended to convey. Every fact should be clear and if possible supported by enough reference in law and daily life that the reader resonates with.

Laying the groundwork

  • You should be firm in your arguments in support of your opinion while still acknowledging diverse opinions fronted against your stand. Peg your arguments in law and real life situations.
    • A case in point is the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which can be cited in support of abortion and the United General Assembly appreciates that the right to make decisions about ones’ reproductive health and life is a basic human right that is protected by international agreements and women should not be discriminated against.
    • Rape cases are on the increase, and incidences of incest are not entirely unheard of in the US in particular and the whole world in general. The agony of carrying a pregnancy resulting from such a heinous act as rape or incest is nothing compared to bringing up a child, a product of rape or incest case. Expound the points while taking care not to lose the readers while being too wordy.
  • The sentences used in writing should be short precise and to the point, while using every persuasive technique conceivable to ‘woo’ your readers to your side of the divide.
  • Conclusion: the conclusion should summarize whatever you have discussed in your entire essay and give a final verdict on your stand on the issue.
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