Top 10 Excuses You Use for Putting Off Your Paper

Every time you get a writing assignment, you probably think that you’ll start working at it immediately. All in all, the earlier you start, the more time you’ll have later. In reality, you can barely get yourself together to even start your paper. You become a pro at excuses and generate them one by one. Does the following ring a bell with you?

1. It’s too crowded in the library

You intend to go to the library to study your topic, but you get suddenly demotivated by all those people studying there. As if they have no other place to go! Irritated, you decide that it’s better to go home.

2. It’s impossible to work at home

When at home, you face way too many distractions, such as a TV set or a fridge. You suddenly get hungry. Once you’ve had your meal, you learn that your neighbors are about to have a party, and it’s simply your duty to attend it!

3. There’s a new episode of your favorite show

Right after you decide to start your paper, you realize that you still haven’t seen an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Without noticing it, you find yourself watching a couple more episodes. You tell yourself that it’s for the sake of inspiration!

4. It’s impossible to work during the day

You can’t understand how people can work during the day: there are so many noises, distractions, and activities! Nope, doing homework at night is definitely better!

5. It’s been such an exhausting day! You should reward yourself with a good night’s sleep

But before you go to bed, you feel that playing a bit on your phone will help you to sleep better. As you get stuck, you think that it’s bad luck to go to sleep without completing the level… When you’re finally done, you realize it’s 5 hours before your classes start. You’ll have time later today.

6. You have plenty of time anyway!

There’s no need to rush things! It’s only Friday, and the paper is due on Monday anyway! You’ll do it on the weekend.

7. You need to live a full student’s life, not slave over your papers

It’s about time you should start writing, but your friends have invited you for BBQ on Saturday. You definitely won’t miss that! You’ll get the assignment done after the party. Of course, you’ve forgotten that parties simply don’t end before the sun’s up.

8. It’s time for a break

You turn on a music video and get carried away playing all those suggestions that YouTube has prepared for you. Four hours later, you realize that you haven’t written almost anything.

9. Your messy room is such a distraction!

You’ve finally tamed yourself and the paper is in progress. But then you take a look around and see all that unbearable mess of your room! You’re not going to put up with that, are you?

10. Nothing inspires as much as deadlines!

After all your excuses are over, and your paper has to be finished in one hour, you sit down and write like a crazy. You try to convince yourself that deadlines are the best motivation for you.

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