Clever Gender Essay Topics Worth Researching

good gender essay topics

Topics about gender roles are assigned to college students quite often. We’re living in a society where equality of men and women is a top question in the agenda of politics and social figures, actors, thought leaders, and internet influencers. That’s why it’s important for the students to be able to analyze and understand such topics as gay marriages, problems of transgender people, domestic violence, wage inequality, etc.

There’s also a topic of women rights in the Middle East, rape culture in India, and high school bullying. The role of religion in helping solve the gender inequality in the US, Europe, and the rest of the world is another great topic to look into.

The key thing researching gender topics is to be creative and engaged in the process. The topic is trending on national media sources, television, radio, and social networks. Schools and colleges go the extra mile to raise awareness of gender problems in the United States among students. You might also want to get extra help with the assignment to ace such kind of written assignment.

Best gender research paper topics explained

We’ve prepared a list of ideas to use as an inspiration and foundation for your own research. Use these as ideas for your gender inequality thesis topics.

  • Objectification of men and women

In movies, literature, on the radio and social media men and women are usually portrayed in a generalized way which seldom has anything to do with real life. But it most certainly results in a distorted perception of the sexes in real life and inflated expectations in communication, relationships, etc. Delve into this topic and try to analyze what can be done to avoid the objectification of women and men alike.

  • Masculinity and femininity in the 21st century

Today, men and women can easily interchange social and family roles. Men can eagerly adopt a role of women and vice versa. When did this shift start? Where will it lead the society to? What are the characteristic features of masculinity and femininity today in comparison to ten, twenty years ago? Express your opinion and back it up with a couple of quotes from trustworthy sources.

  • Women in the military

Israeli army aside, it is believed that women aren’t fit to serve in the army on equal terms as men. Researching this gender-related topic, you can analyze why there’re fewer women in the US army than men. It would also be a great idea to speak about everyday challenges women in the army face and what are the means to overcome the named obstacles. Or do you believe the military is the place for men only?

  • Homosexuality versus heterosexuality

Not everyone sees homosexuality as something normal. Many still believe it’s a deviation and mental illness. Are you pro or against this statement? Do you think gender communication topics and problems of transgender people should receive even greater spotlight? Or do you think the mass media are just trying to fan LGTB hysteria out of nothing for the sake of bigger viewer ratings? Your position regarding this issue is important.

  • Child and sexual abuse

Can only men be abusers in a relationship? There’re cases of women abusing men and children as well. But somehow such stories seldom receive any coverage at all. Is it male discrimination or things are as they have to be? Analyzing the causes and effects of abusing children is another serious topic you will be given much credit if you research it properly. Destructive sexual relationships and their effects is a great topic as well.

  • Gay marriages and adoption

Gay marriages aren’t allowed around the world yet, only in some European countries, Australia, and a number of US states. What is your opinion about the issue? Another important topic is whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. The topic of utmost importance is how a gay couple could raise a heterosexual child? Would it be considered normal? Expressing your opinion regarding this issue will definitely give readers a solid food for thought.

  • Wage equality

Just as there’re gender differences in conversation topics at the workplace, there’s a gap in wages. Women all over the world have started fighting for their rights to get paid equally for doing the same work as men. Do you personally support wage equality? Or do you believe there’re professional areas where men fit better than women? For example, construction and real estate development, housekeeping, accounting, or programming? Seek to answer these questions in your paper providing substantial argumentation and facts.

  • Mental illnesses of men and women

How gender influences the development of hereditary diseases is a great topic for study. Why are men more prone to having prostate cancer while women are more prone to dementia or Alzheimer’s? Are those genes that cause such serious illnesses, lifestyle, or both? Providing analysis of credible genetics studies will definitely give you credit.

  • Female adultery and feminism

Male and female adultery is perceived differently by our society. When a man commits adultery, it becomes a subject to serious blames and accusations. But when a woman commits adultery, it is written off on female submissive nature and social defiance. Why is there a difference in how we look at adultery depending on the gender of a person who commits it? This topic requires some in-depth sociological analysis.

  • The family role of men and women

Through the years, men were the ones bringing home the bacon. While women were perceived as housewives, taking care of children, domestic chores, etc. Today, the society says the roles are interchangeable. But is it really so? And how to be with children – is it good for them that mother’s role is given to the father and vice versa? Or maybe the whole concept of paternity leave is against nature? These are excellent questions to address in your paper.

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20 bonus gender controversial topics

Gender inequality is all around us. We face it every day. Doing yet another paper regarding the subject won’t make any difference. It will only take away free time and lead to frustration when things described in a paper happen in real life again and again.

Think outside the box. Think of gender inequality thesis topics which will resonate with a reader. Or let professionals do it for you. GradeMiners generate topics as a part of the service package. You can either specify a topic or let an expert do it for you. Here’re 20 topics related to gender differences which we have covered most recently.

  1. What’s it like to be a transgender mom?
  2. Protecting victims of gender violence
  3. Bringing LGTB pride to the Southern States
  4. What is the difference between sex and gender?
  5. 20 years of masculinity: How men changed since the late 90s?
  6. How online women abuse transfers to the real world
  7. Why being body positive matters?
  8. Parent’s reaction to my coming out
  9. The myths of being gay
  10. Turning the tide on domestic violence
  11. How to help transgender teenagers find their place in the world?
  12. Fifty shades of gay
  13. What is gender-neutral?
  14. Benefits of wage equality for men
  15. Pros and cons of growing up in a gay family
  16. Causes and effects of the #MeToo movement
  17. Does it make sense to have different toys for boys and girls?
  18. How can women fight back the “glass ceiling” effect?
  19. Origins and perspectives of the childfree movement
  20. Should children be allowed to choose their own gender?

You have the topics. And you have the ideas on how to present your essay on gender differences and inequality. But there’s still one thing you have to do – do your research and then actually write a paper. Even the greatest topic won’t save a poorly written essay by a hasted student. The one who’s tired or reluctant to the subject matter in general. If that’s the case, GradeMiners can help you anytime.

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