Writing a Compelling Sigmund Freud Essay

When writing an essay about an iconic personality such a Freud, you need to have full details about the person in question. Foremost, here is a brief history of the person:

Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856, in Freiberg, Moravia. As a child, he had always wanted a calling in law but decided on becoming a student of medicine before entering the University of Vienna in the year 1873. His mother was 20 years younger than his father.  Freud was the eldest child in a family of 8. He says that his relationship with his mother played a huge role in the creation of his theories.  While he was in Vienna University, he started researching on central nervous system in the physiological lab under Ernst Brucke, his physiology professor.

Freud did a compulsory year in military service where he was awarded a degree in medicine in the year 1881. Afterward, he spent three years at the Vienna General Hospital and devoted himself to:

  • dermatology,
  • nervous disease, and
  • psychiatry

Later Freud opened a private practice that specialized in nervous disease

Later Freud opened a private practice that specialized in nervous disease

In 1896, Freud started writing about his work devoted to his field and called it a psychoanalytic theory. This is treating mental disorders with an emphasis on unconscious mental processes. Freud became famous from his books and lectures but he wasn’t able to accept criticism, and he didn’t like anyone who didn’t agree with him on his ideas. Freud was very analytical when it came to analyzing minds because he didn’t have the tools to make it easier like libraries or computers. He used his life experiences to influence his theories.

When writing a Freud essay, you should mention of one of the theories he created was the id, ego and superego theory that is about the conscious and unconscious minds. The id is the part of the mind that’s primitive and instinctual. The ego is the most realistic, the self – the part which meditates and interacts with the world we live in. The superego is the ethical part which creates ethical standards for the ego. Even though all the three personalities have different, unique features, they all interact and form a whole that contributes to an individual’s behaviors.

When his father died, he became devastated to the point he created the self-analysis called “The Interpretation of Dreams.” In this book, he said that the mind’s energy was the libido and it needed to be discharged to make sure pleasure and prevent pain. It was to be released through the dreams.

Freud explained that there were two parts to a dream, the manifest content where the dream made sense and the latent content where the dream had a hidden meaning. He felt that dreams were to fulfill wishes and analyzing them could treat neurosis.

With this long and short description of the life of Freud, you must ensure that the most important points about his life and time are covered in-depth or else the examiner will not hesitate to give you poor results.

Bringing out the Controversial Freud Essay Theories without Changing the Narrative

Freud was perhaps popularly known for his controversial theories more than anything else. In that case, you need to let the reader get a feel of these theories without altering any piece of information. Here is a holistic guide concerning the theories:

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life was published in 1901 whereby Freud had a theory that a slip of the tongue or being forgetful was not an accident. It was caused by dynamic unconscious which meant something about someone.

In 1902, he later became a professor at the University of Vienna where he gained a following that lead him to create a group called The Psychoanalytical Society.

One of Freud’s controversial theories about sex drives was published in 1905. He theorized that sexual drive was a large part in determining someone’s psychology. In this year, he also developed the Oedipus complex theory that stated that boys are sexually attracted to their mothers which brings about jealousy from the father.

He continued to create a theory that was called Penis Envy which stated that women envy penises as children. That’s why women end up loving their fathers and want to give birth to sons because that’s the closest they would get to own a penis of their own.

Freud’s theories have brought about arguing in psychiatry and psychology, some believing in them.

There are many theories about Freud to write about. Our professors have vast knowledge in this field and can help you put your argument across. Need help writing a term paper? Order a custom written paper with us today.

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