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APA Format Citation Generator for eBook – Your Fast Formatting Help

Our age is associated with the digitized information. A wide range of books, journals, lectures, and other materials could be easily found online. Just a couple of clicks and you have access to an entire library, filled with research materials or a website filled with entertainments. Of course, academic world cannot steer clear of digitization, too. Students, researchers, and scholars benefit from online sources, which are always at hand. You don’t have to go to the library and sit there all day long, looking through dozens of books and encyclopedias. All you need to get your books and journals is a computer and access to the Internet.

Therefore, electronic books came into general use. Academicians and college students are open to the idea of eBooks citation and actively insert it in their essays and articles. There is only one detail here – you have to be careful with formatting your citations and references when using online sources because rules for online and print sources vary. And our free APA eBook citation generator is right here to help! For those students, who have something more interesting to do than studying APA manuals, we have created a free and convenient formatting tool! This tool will create your citations and references automatically. Just choose the required style, source type, and enter necessary source information. APA format citation generator for eBook will do everything for you in a matter of seconds! In addition to automatic formatting, we also offer a small guide to let you check the correctness of your citations before you submit a paper. Read on to learn more!

How to create a correct APA in text eBook citation?

Electronic books can be different (Adobe Editions, Kindle, HTML, Epub, etc) and can be viewed on different devices (personal computers, mobile phones, Nook, Kindle, and other readers). Now we will discuss ways to create APA in text eBook citation.

When you paraphrase a quotation and insert it in your text, use the author-date method of referencing (Author’s last name, Year):

  • More and more analysts predict a crisis of gestalt psychology (Brown, 2014).

When using a direct quote instead of a paraphrase, also include the page number (if available):

  • Gestalt psychology doesn’t reflect individual’s current perception of the past events (Brown, 2014, p. 12).

If there are no page numbers in your electronic book, you can include any of the following elements instead:

  • Paragraph number (if there is no paragraph number provided, you can count them on your own);
  • Title of an overarching section + paragraph number;
  • First words of the heading (or an abbreviation) in quotation marks.

Use our e-Book citation generator to create an in-text citation and then compare it to the examples provided above. Doing so, you will avoid any problems with formatting as well as any mistakes!


Many modern Kindle eBooks have real pages that correspond to the page numbers in print books. It is appropriate to use these page numbers for citation. However, avoid using “location numbers” in your academic work, since they might not match the print edition and are not retrievable. If your eBook doesn’t have page numbers, use the formatting method described above.

The key aspects of APA referencing style for eBook: Creating a reference list

APA style consists of two components: in text quotes and a reference list. A reference list is the last page of your paper, where you mention all the sources you have used in the alphabetical order. It is absolutely important to include every book and article you have mentioned in the paper because it helps your reader identify the source and get full information about it.

Every eBook reference in your list must include the following information: author’s last name, date of publication, title, information about the device you have used, and URL (or DOI). You have to mention a book type in square brackets after including the book title. Make sure to italicize the book title, but do not italicize information in brackets.

General format:

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (Year). Title of the Book [E-reader type, if available]. Retrieved from: URL.
  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (Year). Title of the Book [E-reader type, if available]. Doi:XXXX


  • Klein, M. (1957). Envy and Gratitude [Kindle Paperwhite 2 Review version]. Retrieved from: http://…

If you have found your book in the online library (NetLibrary, Google Books, Ebrary, etc) and there is no reader device, just don’t mention any information in square brackets. If you are quoting a chapter in an edited book, include the following information:

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (Year). Title of a chapter. In A. A. Editor (Ed.), Title of the Book [E-reader type, if available] (pp. XX-XX). Retrieved from: URL.
  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (Year). Title of a chapter. In A. A. Editor (Ed.), Title of the Book [E-reader type, if available] (pp. XX-XX). Doi:XXXX


  • Berger, P. L., Luckmann T. (1966). Economy and Society. In Herbert G. (Ed.), The Social Construction of Reality [Kindle DX] (pp. 56-76). Retrieved from: http://…

If the are no page numbers available, omit this part.

As you can see, APA referencing style for eBook has many nuances, and you have to keep a lot of details in mind, when citing an electronic book. But don’t be confused – just entrust your references and citations to an online tool we have designed for students like you! It is simple: just include source information and click the button below. The tool will create a reference and the next step is copying and pasting it in your paper. Make sure to consult with this small guide before submitting your formatted paper to your professor. From now on, references are no longer a problem!